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Tibetan Style Pendant, Christmas, Milu Deer, Antique Silver, Lead Free and Cadmium Free, 23.5mm long, 19mm wide, 2.5mm thick, hole: 2mm

Sold By: PandaHall
Sku: X-LF11052Y
Tibetan Style Pendants, Gun, Lead Free and cadmium free, Antique Silver

27mm long, 12mm wide, 3mm thick, hole: 2mm

Cool pendants! Like many people do continually stroke to single Color metal pendants, full of wisdom of the ages! They are cost-effective alternatives to precious metal. Versatile jewelry-making supply for earrings, Pendants, necklace, bracelet, belts and home decoration. Give you the feeling of ancient. Interested in more? They are waiting for you and your next project!

Price: $1.07