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Energizer Industrial D Size (EN95) Alkaline Battery

Sold By: All-Battery.com
Sku: 40328
Energizer Industrial Alkaline batteries are produced to the same specifications as Energizer Long Life Alkaline batteries - and designed for today's heavy current or continuous applications. Offer the longest lasting power source of all primary batteries over a range of sizes. No mercury added.Special disposal is not required. Operate well in temperature extremes -30C - 55C.Excellent shelf life - alkaline cells are ready for use after 5 years of storage.
Price: $1.80

Weave Bins, 13 7/8 x 10 3/4 x 8 3/4, Plastic, Black, 2 Bins

Sold By: Concord Supplies
Sku: 40328
Attractive plastic baskets will get your workspace organized. Great for storing all sorts of items including CDs, DVDs, office supplies and more. Box Style: General Storage; Box Type: Storage; Material(s): Plastic; Width: 13 7/8".
Price: $23.06