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0,15 m 0.5ft 3.5mm USB weiblichen zu männlichen aux mp3-Audio-Kabel versandkostenfrei

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Sku: 1721065
Typ:Kabel; Port:Mini HDMI V1.3,2.5mm/3.5mm/6.35mm Audio; Gewicht (kg):0.06; Funktion:Persönliche Musical; Merkmale:vergoldet; Anschlusstyp:Buchse/Buchse; Kabellänge (M):0.15000000000000002
Price: $9.99

What Holism Can Do for Social Theory

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Sku: 1721065
Thisbook reconsiders the nature of positivist philosophy in social science theory based on classical and medievalthought in what later became "Europe." It argues that social theory is being held back by antagonistic debates over science, positivism, objectivity, and universal law -debates which appear unnecessary, narrow, and acontextual when their origins are examined. Positing that solutions to these impasses can be found by moving to alternative holistic epistemology, andlooking at issues in terms of interrelations rather than parts, the book shows the promise of a social theory that provides a unit of analysis that mediatesbetweenlocal and global relations.
Price: $54.95