Nag 3 Fix / Nagra 3 Hack for FTA Receivers

Many people are curious & want to find out when will we have a fix for Nag 3/Negara 3 encryption, that dish network implemented. it’s been almost a year and there is no solution so far. 

According to my research as of end of 2012, there is NO SOLUTION for Nag 3 hack/crack.
However there are few alternative solution’s ...
Sonicview owners are buying IHUB, which is a Serial To Network connector to get few channels. However keep in mind IHUB is not 100% secure, it requires a Internet connection which will expose your IP to the other party. And if I am correct Sonicview has been Sued already. nFusion is also something like Sonicview, it shares security threat as well. keep in mind even with IHub/nfusion you still cannot see all the channels (only a few).
Some people trying to buy devices to see Internet channels on TV. For example Jadoo Tv... Jadoo tv is totally unsecure and does not offer all channels. Click here to Read more about Jadoo Tv.
You will see many websites claiming they have fix for nag 3/nagar3 and they can get you all the channels . That is totally wrong. even few websites will ask for a small donation. Please stay away from these sites, once fix is out you can find it anywhere on internet. Few of the Worst and Scam FTA website's I came up with are, These website’s have same owner who is copying his website into many with different domain name, he is known as "BigUglyDish". He gets information from other Top sites, makes you pay for membership and then close your account without any notice. He is even selling your email address to other FTA websites for a small commission.
At the end of the day nothing really is LEGAL which will give you all Legal channels. Few people have found a way to watch TV on their computer, so far this is the best way to save $ and watch TV for free.
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I think that the info on the named sites is in error.The sites dont promise n3 files. We all know that when there are files all will know,the name of the game than will be what sites will you be able to get on do to heavy traffic.For what its worth big ugly is ok with me!! peace be with you
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i had issue with ftaindex and bigugly. He always tries to promote his idea's & products and he likes to treat people like they are ignorant. I objected few times about his ideas and products that he was trying to sell on his site..guess what... he CLOSED my account and no refund. My opinion... stay away from biguglydish..ftawebzone... his stupid ideas and his copy/paste quick money making idea's websites.
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Yup, BigUglyDish a.k.a ftawebzone owner is a Silly Cocky Stubborn bustard. and yes still there is NO solution for nag 3 / Nagara 3 encryption.
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oh man, when can we finally watch Free TV using FTA box, almost been a year, i am too scared to try nFusion, i need Nagara 3 Fix man. Jadoo Tv is a rip of as well. Does anyone knows when can we expect nag fix. its a good article and thanks for heads up to stay away from and buguglydish. >> Waiting for nag3 fix :( <<
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Ariza (Team Future) No N3 Solution/Status Announced Buzz (Team SonicView) Ihub Wait and See if buzz support will be added Captan (Team (Gone!)) No N3 Solution Announced. IKS support Down CW (Team CW) No Officall n3 announcements, wait and see . Private CardShare Options Exist .. with very Limited Success CNX (Team CNX) Cnx Dongle released for ALL Nano, Nano2, Mini/Duo and Trio Coolsat (Team Norw) Dongle IKS Solution being developed. ***Update, Team Fined, Brand Dead*** Cooltech (Clone) Please Retire Me now DVB (Emunation) Private IKS/Card Sharing support ... Dreambox (Dream Team) Private IKS/Card Sharing support ... Fortec (Camp Pansat) Dont Expect one in near future Homesat (Team Norw) Dongle IKS Solution being developed. Icon (Team Future) No news. Coders MIA PLASTIC (Team Mili) Working IKS Client/Server for Provider IRDs! KBox (Team Kbox) Working IKS for Heros Plus and Prodigy Neosat (ExtremeDVB) Neosat EKS Solution Working Great Nfusion (SUNS) Working IKS Solution for Solaris/Phoenix/HD. Nova Support Issues Pansat (Team Future) No news. Pansat Dongle needs to be invented! Satopia (Team Future) No news. Coders MIA Seesat (Team ?) Retire me. Skyview (Team Sky) IKS solution possible ... wait and see Sonicview (Sonicview iHub) IKS working solution available! Sonysat (Team Spider) Public IKS Launched! Eye-Ki-Es, Working for DN Viewsat (VS Team) Announced no plans for IKS. Seeking standalone fix. Visionsat (Team Norw) Dongle IKS Solution being developed.
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Lets see how long does it take for BigUglyDish @ / to copy & paste above usefull information into his thread based
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whats a good website to get info about the status of the N3 files.
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as soon as there is a fix out there, we will change the Article content accordingly. *** So far there is no fix *** keep checking
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Anyone know if there will ever be a fix for BEV network. It too will be over an year now since it has been down. I have a Viewsat Ultra receiver and want it for BEV
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****** Update, Dec 28,2009 ******** All IKS receivers (nFusion, kBox, SonicView iHub etc) are down; do not buy any IKS Device.
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looking for fix pansat2700
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i have a viewsat vs 2000 let me know if you can fix thank you
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i use this software for FREE TV. I Love it. Copy and pate into your browser.
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ViewSat Ultra Working Solution: At the present time and the foreseeable near future there is no standalone N3 fix for fta receivers. The only way to get TV on ANY FTA stb is to utilize something called IKS. What this does is hook your FTA unit up to the internet by using what is refered to as a hub, dongle, or in this case...the Weather Forecaster you can find a place to purchase one by google-ing the words "vs weather forecaster" or search for it on ebay What do you need? - Weather Forcaster - Router - Modem - Internet Capability Note: Any wireless bridge will also work for the purpose of the weather forecaster as very little data is transmitted. Would it be better to just run a long Cat5 or do the Bridge thing? The Weather Forecaster will be plug n play, however, setting up wireless bridges is NOT! I would think it would be much better to set any device up with WIRE first, once working, add your bridges. You do not have to run wires all over the place, but to run One to test and get setup. What Viewsat receivers will it work on? It WILL work with the Ultra, Ultra Lite, MaxHD, 9000HD, and Pro PVR It will NOT work on the Platinum series, Xtreme, or VS7000PVR units. Files will NOT come out all at once. They will trickle in. The first 2, will be the Ultra and Ultra Lite. Others will follow during the next couple weeks. I will NOT give definite timelines as we know what happens to those.
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How about some sites for tv on the computer?
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Do satelitte dishes and box really work like Sky , or are they a waste of money too
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well hi , i have some great news guys i now own a private server, for iks etc however im from the undergroung world and there is a fix for dtv nagra3 is not done yet.. but we are working on it day and nite . it will never be public , ithink thats wrong so im going to do what i belive is right so hang loose are tv are back..
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