Forgot My Acer Laptop Password Windows 10 - How to Reset Password Windows 10

How to reset password on Acer laptop if you forgot the administrator password Windows 10? If you have forgotten your Windows 10 password and locked out of your Acer laptop, read this article to learn three available ways to solve the problem.


Tip 1: Reset Acer Laptop Password Windows 10 via Acer Password Reset Wizard.


To open Acer password reset wizard, you need to use a pre-created password reset disk. This is an easy and fast way to unlock an Acer laptop Windows 10 without data loss. If you have created the password reset disk when you still remember your password, now you can use it to reset Windows 10 local admin password easily on your Acer laptop.


1.       After entering a wrong password to sign in your user account in Windows 10, Windows will give you a link to reset your password. Insert your password reset disk and then open the link.

2.       “Password Reset Wizard” comes out, click “Next” to go to next step.

3.       Drop down the drive list and select your password reset disk, then click “Next”.

4.       Choose a new password for your user account and then click “Next”.

5.       Click “Finish” to complete password reset and then you can log into your Acer laptop with the new password.


Tip 2: Reset Password on Acer Laptop Windows 10 by Using Security Questions.


Microsoft provides a safe way to reset Windows 10 password that you just need to answer the security questions and then you can set a new password for your Windows 10 user account without knowing the old password. Note that it requires you to setup the security questions before you lost your password. Now let’s see how to use it to reset password on your Acer laptop Windows 10. It is similar to using password reset disk.

1.       Start your Acer laptop, when you login your user account failed, Windows will give you a link to reset your password. You just need to directly click the link.

2.       Give your answers to the security questions and then click “Submit”.

3.       Type a new password in the box and type it again to confirm. Then click “Submit”. The old password will be replaced with the new one.


Tip 3: Use a Windows Password Recovery Tool to Reset Administrator Password on Your Acer Laptop Windows 10.


If you don’t have a password reset disk or have not setup security questions in your Acer laptop Windows 10, you will need to use a third-party program to help reset password on your Acer laptop Windows 10. Here I will show you how to use Wimware Windows Password Rescuer Personal to reset Acer laptop password Windows 10 with a USB flash drive. It is easy and working perfectly for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP.


1.       Log on another computer as administrator, free download Windows Password Rescuer Personal and then install the program on the computer.

2.       Once you finish installation, insert a blank USB flash drive and launch the software to create a Windows password recovery disk.

3.       Once burning completed, connect the Windows password recovery disk to your Acer laptop. Set the laptop to boot from USB.

4.       When you Acer laptop boots from USB and located Windows Password Rescuer screen, click “Administrator” from list.

5.       Click “Reset Password”, when a confirm message pops up, click “yes”.

6.       The administrator password will be reset to blank.

7.       Click “Reboot”, when a confirm message pops up, remove your Windows password recovery disk and then click “yes” to restart your Acer laptop.

8.       After that, you can log into Windows 10 as administrator without any password.

This is currently the best Windows password recovery tool which also works for other brands of computer such as Dell, HP, ASUS, TOSHIBA, Lenovo etc.

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