Delegates in ASP.NET with easy example

Delegates in .NET

using System;


private  void main()
// Action is Like Void/ return
Action<string> log = Console.WriteLine;
log("Hey There");
// 2 Ways to Call a Func Delegate
ProcessData(Weightcheck); // By passing a REAL Function
ProcessData( (a,b) => { Console.WriteLine(b);return true; } ); // By using a Anonymous Function (Lambada Expression)
// When passing Func/Action via function parameter, Remember that DATA will always be supplied from the Calling Function Body.

private void ProcessData(Func<int,string, bool> GetWeight)

bool w = GetWeight(22,"Khan");
if (w) Console.WriteLine(1);


private bool Weightcheck(int weight, string name)
return false;
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