Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S5

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S5

Is there an wasy way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S5? I saved quite a lof of contacts on my iPhone 4 and now want to transfer them to my new Samsung Galaxy S5. It is impossible to input them one by one to S5, so, I need some tool to transfer them to the S5 in a whole. Do you get any suggestion? Thanks. 

Well, a great many of iPhone users switch to Galaxy S5 users because of the larger screen and faster speed. But there is a problem. thye cannot transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S5 directly. Most contacts are not saved in the SIM card but the device, which makes it is impossible to directly export them from the device. To solve this problem, I get a solution. Mobile Transfer is a good tool to do this job.

Mobile Transfer is a specially made tool for users to transfer data between different devices, it can transfer contacts, notes, photos, text messages, videos, and other files between Nokia, Samsung, HTC, iPhone, etc. 

Step 1. Download and install the iPhone to Galaxy Transfer Software to your computer, link your Galaxy S5 and iPhone to the computer with the USB cable and run this program. In the home window, select phone to phone transfer option
Step 2. After the two devices are recognized and displayed in the window. Select contacts to copy  
Step 3.Hit Start copy to transfer contacts from your old iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S5

As said above, this tool can also transfer other files like text messages, videos, photos, etc. for more details click 

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When it comes to [url=]transferring text messages to new iPhone[/url], people will concern about losing information in the text messages during the transfer. In fact, if you update your old iPhone backup with iTunes or iCloud before switching to the new iPhone, you won’t lose the newly added text messages after transferring them to new iPhone. So if people want to transfer text messages to new iPhone, using iTunes and iCloud will still be their primary choice.
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