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Hello, guys. Do you know how to print text messages from iPhone? I want to print out the text messages from my iPhone 5, but do not know how to export the sms ., can you help me. Thanks.

Are you also bothered by same issue? Do not worry, you can get the solution here.

In order to export the text messages from iPhone, the tool you need is iPhone data recoveyr, which is a specially made tool for users to recover lost data on iphone, but also, you can use it to export files from your iPhone.

With the iPhone data recovery, you can export sms from iPhone with only three simple steps, chech them below

how to print text messages from iPhone
Step 1. Launch the iPhone sms recovery, click Recover from iOS device mode. and connect your iPhone to the software
Step 2. Scan your iPhone for the text messages
Step 3. After the scan, select to disply existing files only, and then mark the ones you need, click Recover to export text messages from iphone.

If you made backup before, you can use this tool to extract sms from iTunes backup as well
Step 1. Launch the iPhone sms recovery, select recover from iTunes backup files mode
Step 2. Scan the backup files
Step 3. Export the sms from iTunes backup

After that, you can print the text messages from your iPhone.

iOS manager is another tool that can help you export sms from your iphone, it can trasnfer files from iPhone to computer and other devices like Galaxy S5, HTC, and more.
Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run the iOS manager
Step 2. Select files to export
Step 3. Print SMS from iPhone

Different from iPhone data recovery, the iOS Manager can trasnfer data between iPhone, Android devices, for exaple, you can transfer SMS to computer, trasnfer contacts to Galaxy S5, check details here

how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Galaxy S5
how to transfer text messages to new iPhone
how transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone

For more tips about recovering lost files, go to
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