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Jadoo Tv recently released a Tablet & names it jadoo tv tab. It comes with Android OS, I don't know why its named Jadoo Tv tab, its just a replica of any other Samsung look alike tab. only thing they are pushing for it is.....Jadoo Tv "on-demand" and Tv channels access within Tablet. This Jadoo tab does not offer Retina Display, and its not even 1080p & only has 1GB of RAM.

I have Samsung Galaxy Tab, I installed XBMC on it. XBMC is a full blown version of a media Server, I think Jadoo Tv is build on top of XBMC. XBMC is the REAL thing. You can use it to watch "All on Demand Media", All Movies, All Sports & World Wide Tv Channels....and best thing is ITS FREE. if you want to install XBMC on your Apple Tv or Computer or Tab then read this article

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