Shava TV a piece of Junk

You can not get "Z TV", now "Star plus" is seems to be gone.  Half the time the system is down and you can not get any streaming.  Support stinks.  The 24 hour support is joke, neither the phone support nor the online chat are accessible.  I think it the bad piece of electronics.  It it does not work, then it is simply a waste of money.
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I feel bad for people who buy jadoo/shava & jalva tv and they think these devices are legit.

guys, why would any company let you buy a device and never pay a monthly fees for channels?

its time for you people to wake up and understand these iPTV box's are fun for short term only, they can NEVER replace dish network or your cable box.

So stop complaining and stop buying these useless products.

if you really want to watch TV for free then why not TRY this free XBMC Free Tv solution? 

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