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Are you planning to buy jadoo Tv? well before you buy please learn more about it by reading following comments. I bought jadoo tv and I am not happy with it, so my job is to inform others....I cant say I hate Jadoo Box, for its price its O.K for some users (if they only care about news channels)...but maybe I was expecting too much. Please note I complied the list of comments left by different users on this website. below are few jadoo tv reviews.

Review By Syed
It worked really good when I bought the box, I though it will save me some money which I was paying to cable provider. After a month the took lots of good channels, I have 25Mbps speed and started buffering, now getting error message"channel not available" when complaint to them they walked me through stupid troubleshooting step, reboot, factory default setting etc even though no problem with the speed the error message showing problem with server...now none of the channels in working, they don't answer the phone, they don't reply to your email they have online tiketing system which never opens and never closed. This is the their address support@jadootv.com

Review by Palash
i have a jadoo tv my house almost two years before not any problem jadoo live channel .we have four bangla channel .now i have only three bangla channel .before we watch tv channel nice and clear ,now we cant see the live bangla or other hindi channel because live channel buffering/stack all the time.i dont know this time.before we watch live tv/movie/bangla/hindi any channel no buffring nothing,now big problem everyday.we cant see any channel nicely. another thing we need to live channel sonny tv/zeetv on jadoo box.thank this is palash u.s.a. connecticut stamford city.

Review By Ali
I was the latest victim of Jadoo TV. Apparently their return policy was just changed. It used to be 30 days no questions asked, now its 14 days. This box is a complete joke. Ever since i bought it, i have not been able to watch anything for more then 15 mins at a time. JADOOTV BOX SUCKS!! its a scam. I know they are located in Pleasanton, CA. I think we should gather up everyone who hasnt been able to return their boxes for full refund and file a class action law suit against the owner.

Review by Captain
Bought the jadoo device today, I got sold into the dealer's line "you can get rid of your cable and dish". I thought that would be awesome, paid 250 for the HD that amounts to one month of my cable and dish bill. I had never heard of this device or seen it working, I went to the shop for something totally unrelated. I bought it thinking it will be a reasonable alternative for cable and dish, but it's really not. It may appeal to someone who isn't computer savy (can't watch the free channels online) doesn't have cable/dish and wants something desi on conventional technology such as a regular tv. Although it is a bit pricey for what it does, it would have been worth it had it streamed all channels in HD, but that's not the case. There are only a few live tv desi channels, mostly European and some American, and that's where you may get lucky with some quality, some of it is poor like you're watching internet videos on low resolution but not all of the channels are like that. I did not experience any streaming issues as some have stated (I have Comcast 20mbps) but I haven't used jadoo much either, I'm about 5 hours into it. As most people fear this may be an illegal activity, that may or may not be true. I took a chance knowing nothing about this device and haven't come to a conclusion if it was a waste of money. Although I don't watch much tv, the device will keep my mother entertained. I tried to get the dealer to say he'll take it back if it doesn't work (at the time of purchase) and he dodged the bullet several times, so I'm not hoping for any returns or exchanges. I like having the mobility of the device (I can take it to another location to watch sports) but I have no clue how the streams would act on a big day. I hope this helps someone who's looking for information on jadoo tv.

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Dear Valued Customer/Prospective Customers, 

Just to address some of the comments that we've seen here. Please note we are the only box that pays licensing fees for our LIVE TV & On Demand content and we have agreements with Film Studios and TV Broadcasters. We have 150+ Live Channels, over 1000+ Bollywood & Regional Films (Master Prints from Studios), and have over 11000+ hours of Curated On Demand Content. Moreover, our selection is improving each month as more and more channels & studios see the benefit of partnering with us over traditional cable and DTH platforms. We've partnered with Industry leading technology partners (Amazon, Vidillion, YuMe, Verismo, Etisalat, PTCL to name a few), and we're committed to being the provider of choice the South Asian diaspora. 

If you chose to buy these other fly-by-night boxes, please be aware and make sure to verify the legality of their content rights and companies. You will be left in the lurch when as these boxes get infringement notices and are shut down. The sellers of these boxes want to make a quick buck and disappear overseas during the time legal proceedings go through due process. Their companies are not legally registered anywhere. The end loser will be the customer that has purchased the box. We've been around for over 5 years, have sold hundreds of thousands of units to satisfied customers, partnered with content owners, and are a registered California Corporation. We are here for our existing user-base and new customers and if you have any questions or concerns, please E-mail or call us:



+1 619-523-6688 (US)
+1 289-466-1005 (Canada)
+44 (0) 203-371-8688 (UK)
+61 3-9008-6215 (Australia)
+49 69-5780-1985 (Germany) 

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Dear JadooTv,

Thank you for posting a "Generic Response" to this post, however I cant help but notice you are copying and pasting this message throughout this website, did you read the reviews left by users above? Your answer does not really give any clear answer or solution to the problems....its more like a marketing pitch to us.

Why is Jadoo Tv Freezing too much?
Why there are no GOOD Indian/Pak Channels?
Why your return policy is full of headache?
Why are your distributors concerned more about making a SALE and they could careless about return policy & support?

There is a report on Rip Of Report Website, what do you have to say about the report?

I thank you for taking some time to at least responding to few of the posts, but please try to give answers which are reflecting to the questions.

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I have 2 jadoo3 boxes. After 2 years, it seems they have sold too many boxes and their server is overloaded and cannot get connection to their sever. Their service and Technician are not telling the truth and make you repeat the reseting to manufactures original sitting which I have done numerous times. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY, DO NOT BUY THIS BOX143

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