Jalva Tv Box ID ########821

Dear Madam/Sir,

We are buying this Jalva TV Box apporxcimaitley one and a half year ago but last 6 Month we got problem that this box does not working please let me know what can i do that he is donig work.

This guy who sell this box he is tolding us that he can't helb us.

Please take contact with us.

Best Regards

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Please dont post BOX ID's, I removed the box ID for you.

please call shava TV and ask them to UPDATE your software.

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Does Shava update the software for Jalwa ? If they do update, then will we be watch Jalwa again or Shava? Whatever coz Jalwa TV is not working at all. What do I need to provide them to upgrade the software in Jalwa  TV BOX? I live in Australia, any contact number of them?


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