Can we do something to windows 8 black screen of death and windows 8 blue screen error-

It is the last thing anyone desire to see that his computer runs into unexpected windows 8 black screen or windows 8 blue screen when he boot the computer in a good emotion, I am surely believe that most of you wouldn't be know what to do once such problems occur to you. And then you have to make a choice, either ask someone others to repair it and pay him money or solve the problem yourself. Maybe you'd like to choose the latter one firstly. By that way ,search online is the most convenient way for you. On the other hand, there are too many solutions to take the appropriate one. If you don't want to waste lots of your time on searching , you should spend a little minute to read what I share with you. 1.Spiceworks’ Network Troubleshooting Tools is a kind of free software can be used to fix black screen error and blue screen error, it is obviously that the software owns a big advantage: free. But it also has a fatal disadvantage, its complicated operation interface and unstable performance. So if you don't really know about the software well, I don't suggest you to use it. 2.LiveBoot, it is not a free software. Although it can also help you solve the problem at the end, but I don't think the price of it is appropriate. Meanwhile,th operating interface of it looks a little complicated and you may not able to adapt to it in a short time. 3.Compare with LiveBoot, I think Windows Boot Genius is much better according to its multifunction and excellent efficiency. One more important factor I choose it is the cheaper price but better performance. You are able to fix black screen within minutes under the help of it. There is no more than three steps to fix Windows 8 black screen and windows 8 blue screen as follows show to you.
 Step 1.Create a bootable CD/USB Download Windows Boot Genius from the official website and install it on a accessible computer. Insert a CD or USB Device Drive into the computer ,then run Windows Boot Genius to burn it to a bootable one. This can be done in several minutes. Step 2.Set BIOS boot from CD/USB Enter into the BIOS of your corrupted computer, and choose the CDROM or USB Device Drive for the first option of Boot Device Priority under Boot menu. Then press F10 to save the changes and exit. Step 3.Fix black screen or windows 8 bsod error with excellent tool Insert the CD/USB into the computer and reboot. You will enter into a WinPe system in a minute and the follow move is to double click the "Fix Genius" icon on the desktop. When it starts run you will the operation interface like the below picture shows. Choose proper solution according to your the problem of your computer and start to rescue. Your computer will be OK less than some minutes at the end. It is my experience on fixing windows 8 black screen of death and windows 8 bsod error, it is so easy and convenient. Maybe there exists some better way I haven't gotten yet, but I insist that this is one of the most acceptable solutions to fix black screen error . Windows Boot Genius is not only available for windows 7 black screen, xp black screen, vista black screen, windows 8 black screen, but also for windows 7 blue screen, xp blue screen, vista blue screen, windows 8 blue screen and so on. I hope what I share can be useful for you and best wishes to your computer.
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