What to Do If you Forgot Windows 8 Picture Password-

You can create a Windows 8 picture password for user accounts as a supplement of its traditional password. The picture password is said to be more secure and easier to remember. But no one is sure that he or she will never forget this password. What to do if you forgot Window 8 picture password.

Section 1: Sign in Windows 8 with password

To sign in to your PC with a picture password, you need to make sure you use the same gestures, in the same order, that you did when you created the picture password. But if you make a mistake, that's okay—you can always start over.

If forgot Windows 8 picture password, you can simply use the traditional text password to or other options like PIN code (if you have created in advance) to get back in your computer.

Step 1:Click Switch to password button on the picture logon screen.
Step 2:Enter the password you used when you created your account, and then press Enter to get in Windows 8.

Section 2: Recover your forgotten windows 8 picture password

Once you are logged in, you can recover the forgotten picture password as Windows 8 comes with ability to play the picture password.

Step 1:Press Windows +C to open the charms bar, select Settings -> Change PC settings to open PC settings window.
Step 2:Select Users on the left pane and then click Change picture password in Sign-in Options section on the right.
Step 3:Type the password of the current user account, and then click Ok button.
Step 4:Click Replay button to see your forgotten picture password again.
Note: Here you can also change the forgotten picture password to a new one.

What if you forgot Windows 8 password?

If you are using a Microsoft account, you can simply reset the forgotten password by going to the Microsoft account sign-in webpage.

If are using a local account, you can use the password hint as a reminder to help you recall what your Windows 8 password. You can also reset the lost Windows 8 password with a previously created password reset disk or another admin account. Besides, a great number of Windows password recovery programs are out there to help you easily reset Windows 8 password.

Additional Knowledge about Windows 8 Password

As a Windows 8 user, you can login your pc with multical ways. Picture passwords, standard passwords, and pin code logins are all demonstrated in Windows 8. And the new picture password feature in Windows 8 will let you use gestures like circles, lines and points to login quickly. It will even recognize the direction of the gestures and the size as well. Here a video guide from Youtube on how to set up and sign in a picture password & PIN code in Windows 8.

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