How about Windows 7 Password Cracker

Recently I've been asked by my friends to crack Windows 7 password after it is forgotten. I find many people are not very good at how to find Windows 7 admin password.

Compare with other PC issues, to crack password on Windows 7 is more complicated. Unlike other common PC issues, if one has forgotten Windows 7 password, probably he would lose access to the machine. If so, to solve this problem, in many computes users' opinion, would become much more complicated that when the computer is still accessible. Thankfully, after a long time searching for solutions, I finally find some useful ones. In the following I am ready to share solutions on how to find Windows 7 admin password to regain access to computer with you all.

Solution 1: Windows Installation disc is helpful if Windows 7 password lost or forgotten.

If you lost or forgot Windows 7 password, you can use your Windows 7 installation disc and access to recovery options to bypass it. This is a very efficient method and works well but you must have a viable system restore point to use that was created before you started having logon issues.
If you don't have a Windows installation disc, or can't find your Windows installation disc, you can also create a Windows 7 system repair disc to use to boot to the system recovery options that can help you recover the forgotten password.
(Note: If this solution is taken, you may probably lose data on your Windows 7 machine.)

Solution 2: Crack Windows 7 admin password with Windows Password Recovery Professional.

If you are afraid of losing data or feeling kind of complicated to find your forgotten Windows 7 password with Windows Installation disc, then to make use of a credible third-party application will be your perfect choice. No need to worry about data loss and complexity during operation, you can solve your computer problem with Windows Password Recovery Professional easily and quickly. Here's how to find Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery Professional.

1. Download and install.
You can free download SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Professional and install, run it on an accessible computer.
2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk.
You should first insert a blank CD/DVD or USB to the working computer and then choose the password recovery mode: Reset Windows local account password or Reset Windows domain administrator password. Next, select "CD/DVD" or "USB" option. In the end, click "Burn" button to start burning. When the burning finishes, you just take out the CD/DVD or USB.
3. Hack forgotten Windows 7 password.
Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB to the target/locked computer, and set it boot from CD/DVD or USB in BIOS. Next you can reset Windows 7 password easily according to the simple wizard on the interface.

Are the ways on Windows 7 password cracker above useful for you? And if you have any other better solutions or suggestions, just let me know…let's share and discuss over it together!

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