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Yes, You can have a free website which will function exactally like our website, you can have your own categories.

Leave a comment below and explain why would you want to have your own website.

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All you have to do is explain, why is it important for you to have your own website.

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I am interested, please email me for details.

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RE: Website will be hosted for FREE


  Why is it important for ME to have my own website:
 Well for one, I am Totally Disabled and live on a Very Small Fixed Income $750 a month and can't afford alot of luxuries other than what I can scrape up on my own.  If I could acquire a free (Totally) website it may be possible for me to supplement what little income I do have to live on.  I wouldn't have Internet access if it wasn't for my 18 year old adopted granddaughter to help me out when she can since she's a full time student.
 I was going to technical school to get my degree when I became Disabled in 2005 and was receiving $975 dollars a month but now the US Department of Education has Offset my Disability to $750 a month so it makes it almost impossible to survive.
I could go on and on but it's a long reason.

Dan Abner


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