My shava youtube ,movies,shava plus are not working .

My shava youtube ,movies,shava plus are not working .



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I have the same problem. Youtube & Movies are not working.

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My Shavaplus is not working.First,the movies and youtube was not working. Know the whole shavaplus doesn't work the screen is blank.
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Did you would need a Shava Tv Firmware update.  what you need to do is the following:

connect Shava TV with a WIRE
Connect the other End of WIRE into Cable/DSL Modem (NOT THE ROUTER)
Get your Shava Tv Serial # from the shows within your TV screen.
Call Shava Tv & requets them to update your box.

Update will take 15 minutes. After update everything should start working.

Good Luck
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Instead of calling Shava Tv, can I update it by myself by going to and download the update file and follow the steps on the website?
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I had shava tv it was not working properly i called them they couldnt fix it so i bought a new shava tv plus and this new is also worse youtube is not working , they r legal thiefs i wil sue them soon u will be hearing good news my friends 
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You can update it by yourself if you have a flash drive. Just go to and follow the instructions.
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Hi Shava tv.plz can u check in my TV shava channel not working plz repair. Thank u.give me your contact no in canada
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I don't k ow why YouTube is not working in my Shava plus. Not movies and drama etc working. All channels stuck. I need the number to call and update in USA.
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My iptv7box stoped working from April2017.
Contacted company they send email to update.
I tried it's showing in Chinese language.
Again contacted Shava team they tried few options and ask me to take to another internet coneection
Tried no luck
Contacted again they are asking to trade in and get new box for $30discount.

Any budy else in same boat is this box died for ever or just my one playing.
Please give ur comments for feedback

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i Am representative of shavatv company :
i think your box old version that's why memory issue face or many old customer face this problem but all over get follow new one box with exchange offer can you need more  info please email.
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Hey i tried opening my live tv application but its saying i have to download ajooba live, i tried downloading it and it said that app not downloaded. I need help asap. my serial number is 1354073474 

Thank You 

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Hi Mohammad Khan

I have had the same problem. I have been trying to contact shava tv and looking up threads to solve this problem, but no luck. Lets see if someone has an answer to this problem.


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Hi everyone,

Can anyone from shava or this chat group let me know if shava TV works. My shava in Sydney don't work for last few months. I am trying to contact shava but no reply. Can anyone give me contact details so that I can get shava going. It's very frustrating. 

If shava is not in business, then will move on to other provider.


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my shava ty box no working  noall chennal work  chennal list -sub ,sony, zee, news, and any not working why?
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hi can anyone send me shave tv update any version . or tell me where i can get. my email is
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Hello... My Shava YouTube is not working... and I call many time at customer service but no one receive my call.. can anyone tell me how can fix this problem????

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