New Jadoo TV box available for $150, Please contact


New Jadoo TV box available for $150, Please contact



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hello sandeep sir my name be ms prabhdeep, i was wanting to know about the box you sell. why do you sell? is it bad? please tell me im very interested. please write me back THANKYOU SANDEEP
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SAT SHRI AKAL SANDEEP PRAJI naam mera rupinder mai box lana information meinu dado kyo sell kar de??? tussi kyo lya agar sell karna si tussi 250 laye te hun 150 the sell karde ah pagal ah? please meinu daso good day sat shri akal
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hi i am bubble, i was interested in your box i will pay 170 for it i really need this box!! please sell it to me i live in richmond hill ok bye thankyou 170 dont forget....
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mai tude box lana hai par oh kidda chalu ga??? mai apne friend to mangya si te one dita ni tussi sarur sell karo meinu mai tenu 300 rupees den nu trya ah ok thankyou sandeep bha -HIMZ
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I heard jado tv on special promotion for $150 on 1650 am, please call 416-648-4707.
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Jadoo tv For $139.00USD 
Please Contact me at 718-717-2068

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NEW JADOO TV 4 FOR $139.00 
MY PHONE NUMBER IS 718-717-2068
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Hi, somebody posted here about our leaked channel streams in 2012 and it still have most hits in IPTV section here (check link below note1). ALLfree.TV / BDTV devices are still much advanced and miles ahead of competition. Includes All channels from all major languages or World (including English and all desi languages), Sports, News, Kids, Documentaries Live and recorded cloud PVR. Pretty much any movie or TV Show ever created in holly or bolly wood. We don't use Chinese knockoff hardware (just you know the hardware jad00 is using in there latest model-4, we test this same hardware 3year ago and didn't like it them). Nothing is compared to our devices and you don't have to buy new model every year or two, The devices we sold 7years ago are still working. 

Intialy we used Apple TV-1 the Apple TV-2 and now we are using hardware made by Google with our exclusive auto-update software setup, not some Chinese knockoff as all other are using.

Email us at

ALLfree.TV (Changed name from BDTV to ALLfree.TV as many get confused with crap BTV)

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