Can SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) connect like MS Query analyzer

This probably sounds a bit basic but thats me!

I use MS SQL Query Analyzer, which ships with MS SQL Server 2000 and is version 8.00.194, to connect to my employers SQL server. Very easy, just needs an IP address and SQL authentication and password.  Its actually easier than configuring a DSN which requires a bit more configuration. My queries works just fine.

Problem is that I really need to familiarise myself with MS SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE) and that only seems to want to connect to either the local server or local network servers.

Am I missing something here? Is SSMSE not able to do what Query Analyzer can do, and that is make a simple connection to a remote server?

Any direction appreciated. Thanks

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well you still can use Sql Server 2000 Query Analyzer to connect to SQL Server 2005. but 2005 has its own layout, it does not offer a seperate Query Analyzer, what you do is you connect to Server (usig Studio) then from upper Left Corner hit "NEW QUERY", now that is your new query analyzer.

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