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Update: As most of you know, As of March 19,2011 mostly all content providers issued a lawsuit against Jadoo tv & almost all the channels have been removed. please DO NOT BUY JADOO TV OR JALVA TV or any other IPTV box, they all are ILLEGAL. In order to help community if you know any working channels for jadoo tv then please share them under Working Jadoo Tv Channels section. Please check back for latest updates.
** UPDATE **
Jadoo Tv is back with Jadoo tv 3 & Jadoo Tv 4, however we cant promise about the list of channels they have.
Let me start by saying, jadoo tv is a useless device. you will not see any Pay Per View's or premium channels by buying this device. you can watch few Indian channels on it (not all of them), with poor quality and they go up and down constantly with allot of buffering. This product is totally overpriced. if it was around $20 then it’s worth buying (maybe).
How to Watch Free TV
if you just want to watch few channels online, then you don’t need this device, you can watch Indian channels live on many websites c. or just Google it, you will see 100z of sites. You can also visit on demand section on this website to watch dramas.

QFX Abx-10 Android TV Box QFX Abx-10 Android TV Box. This works great for KODI.

How Jadoo Tv Works
Basically it uses your internet connection, so you must have a Fast Internet ISP. then it connects itself to its server(which streams channels) and streams them for you, which is same as if you were watching these channels on your computer. You can buy yourself a PS3 and have Ps3 stream internet for you (at least you getting a blu-ray player and gaming console for this price).
You are also running into a risk where a device connects itself to internet, and your computers IP address could be saved and reported back to legal authorities. My advice is to stay away from this device, its overpriced, it's not 100% legal, it lags alot and offers only few useless channels.
I can’t really provide a list of 100% valid channels, since every other day they are been taking down (upon legal notice). Sooner or later all channels will disappear from their server.

Read about Jadoo2 Tv

UPDATE: MOST SOUTH ASIAN CHANNELS ARE DOWN ON JADOO TV. THEY ARE BEEN SUED., they are trying to find more illegal ways to stream channels on their device... which i am sure will last for another couple of weeks. please save your money.

UPDATE: Jadoo Tv officially signed a contract with HUM TV USA.

Currently only few news channels are working on jadoo 1 and jadoo 2 (Update as of September 2012). Also Follow Jadoo Tv list of Working Channels Blog for updates.

here is an image of channels screen on jadoo tv.

jadoo tv

Live HUM TV Channel Blog.

Do you want to watch Desi Tv for Free on TV/iPhone/iPad? Then read this blog about watching desi channels on tv

Please note, you can also use a universal remote control as a replacement to your Jadoo Tv remote. HDMI cables are also relatively cheap these days

 Buy Cheap HDMI Cables for your Tv |  Universal Remote Control for Jadoo Tv

Watch The video below, This guy will jailbreak the Amazon Fire tv for you and put alot of kool stuff. his email is mgreen07080@gmail.com. I believe you can get this box from him.

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Shava is really a good device for mix channels and movies also. I'm using from last 1 year and its working perfectly haven't any problem. I'm not paying any extra charges i have pay just one time not paying monthly or yearly. Customer support is free box updation is also free.
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its only money making idea plz do not buy it otherwise you will loose you money I have it but its not working properly and they do not care about service I contacted so many time but not response 
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Buy the AfghanIPTV box, wayyy better and runs on Android 
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those who are disturbed with jadoo tv they can watch it online with any other website ... if they have good internet connections they must not go for jadoo tv ... watch it online with http://www.Tunedramas.com
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Waste of money
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Not worth buying it, I bought 3 jadoo tv before they change the models one after other. so it feel like put you money in trash. Customer service Rude if you ask to share the cost. they state that "we are no longer support old version". they do not keep customer loyalty.
it better to have 1 new laptop and connect to TV via HDMI, its less expansive and you have more out of your money value.  -
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The best channel
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I like
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I don't know why Jadoo owners is so greedy. Why don't they offer good service ? I had an Jadoo box and I was very disappointed with it. Now I am using easybox iptv. I can watch Sky UK, and lot more english channels and more than 150 indian channels including Star, Colors, Zee,B4u and others.
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Hi, somebody posted here about our leaked channel streams in 2012 and it still have most hits in IPTV section here (check link below note1). ALLfree.TV / BDTV devices are still much advanced and miles ahead of competition. Includes All channels from all major languages or World (including English and all desi languages), Sports, News, Kids, Documentaries Live and recorded cloud PVR. Pretty much any movie or TV Show ever created in holly or bolly wood. We don't use Chinese knockoff hardware (just you know the hardware jadoo is using in there latest model-4, we stop selling it in 2014). Nothing is compared to our devices and you don't have to buy new model every year or two, The devices we sold 7years ago are still working. 

Email us at bestdesitv@gmail.com

ALLfree.TV /BDTV team

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