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Update: As most of you know, As of March 19,2011 mostly all content providers issued a lawsuit against Jadoo tv & almost all the channels have been removed. please DO NOT BUY JADOO TV OR JALVA TV or any other IPTV box, they all are ILLEGAL. In order to help community if you know any working channels for jadoo tv then please share them under Working Jadoo Tv Channels section. Please check back for latest updates.
** UPDATE **
Jadoo Tv is back with Jadoo tv 3 & Jadoo Tv 4, however we cant promise about the list of channels they have.
Let me start by saying, jadoo tv is a useless device. you will not see any Pay Per View's or premium channels by buying this device. you can watch few Indian channels on it (not all of them), with poor quality and they go up and down constantly with allot of buffering. This product is totally overpriced. if it was around $20 then it’s worth buying (maybe).
How to Watch Free TV
if you just want to watch few channels online, then you don’t need this device, you can watch Indian channels live on many websites c. or just Google it, you will see 100z of sites. You can also visit on demand section on this website to watch dramas.

QFX Abx-10 Android TV Box QFX Abx-10 Android TV Box. This works great for KODI.

How Jadoo Tv Works
Basically it uses your internet connection, so you must have a Fast Internet ISP. then it connects itself to its server(which streams channels) and streams them for you, which is same as if you were watching these channels on your computer. You can buy yourself a PS3 and have Ps3 stream internet for you (at least you getting a blu-ray player and gaming console for this price).
You are also running into a risk where a device connects itself to internet, and your computers IP address could be saved and reported back to legal authorities. My advice is to stay away from this device, its overpriced, it's not 100% legal, it lags alot and offers only few useless channels.
I can’t really provide a list of 100% valid channels, since every other day they are been taking down (upon legal notice). Sooner or later all channels will disappear from their server.

Read about Jadoo2 Tv

UPDATE: MOST SOUTH ASIAN CHANNELS ARE DOWN ON JADOO TV. THEY ARE BEEN SUED., they are trying to find more illegal ways to stream channels on their device... which i am sure will last for another couple of weeks. please save your money.

UPDATE: Jadoo Tv officially signed a contract with HUM TV USA.

Currently only few news channels are working on jadoo 1 and jadoo 2 (Update as of September 2012). Also Follow Jadoo Tv list of Working Channels Blog for updates.

here is an image of channels screen on jadoo tv.

jadoo tv

Live HUM TV Channel Blog.

Do you want to watch Desi Tv for Free on TV/iPhone/iPad? Then read this blog about watching desi channels on tv

Please note, you can also use a universal remote control as a replacement to your Jadoo Tv remote. HDMI cables are also relatively cheap these days

 Buy Cheap HDMI Cables for your Tv |  Universal Remote Control for Jadoo Tv

Watch The video below, This guy will jailbreak the Amazon Fire tv for you and put alot of kool stuff. his email is mgreen07080@gmail.com. I believe you can get this box from him.

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Does Jaddoo3 work or not i might buy it see
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i need sandeshnews,tv you just add jadoo 2 in Add
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Just bought it it's superb loved it just wondering How to add more channel s 
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Hi All Could you please suggest me the best way of getting live indian channels in melbourne . Guys please help me out . totally confused i was about to buy this jadoo3 . Thanks Vaishali
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Hi all

I have got a dish installed Asia-Sat, working perfect, excellent result, no streaming, no internet required, includes  JEO, hUM and some Islamic channels and kids channel as well, some cooking channels as well but no sports channel.
The only and biggest problem i face is adjustment of dish, its big in size and requires lot of space and secondly with fast wind or storm it might loose adjustment and you will not be able to see any channel.

I was planning for Jadoo TV but this buffering issue is really a pain, kids will not like this.

Is there any other solution?
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Hi ..
We are using HIT MEDIA here in middle east it has complete Dish tV package along with you tube and movie server..works perfect on my 4MB ADSL..
It has quite alot paksitani, gujrati, nepali, bengali and Tamil channels as well
please contact me for price if any one interested... 100% this box is much much better than other IP tv in term off picture quality and speed

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 i want jadoo 3 iptv recevier in pakistan how to received .
plz tell me the procedure .
i need 50 pieces in pakistan . 

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Never never buy Jadoo,its own and run by Thieves and thugs,they removed all chanels and want us to pay for new units and pay another
$250...its shame for these criminals,who sold us first unit and cancelled all chanells,I wish some one file a law suite against them and we all
can join as class action to get our money back,
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Salam aleikum
I just want to say that my parents have Jadoo TV 2. It is now ( april 2013 ) basically not receiving any urdu channels. 
So my parents agreed to buy a new receiver. We were pretty sure that the people behind Jadoo TV 2 had deliberately closed down the channels on Jadoo TV 2, in order to force people to buy Jadoo TV 3. 
So my parents bought B-TV box; http://www.btvbox.com/ and it is much better than Jadoo TV 2, it has bigger remote, no buffering problems, much better interface, if a channel is not available it will show a red sign on the interface infront of the name of the channel. 

All in all a much better alternative to Jadoo TV

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Never ever buy Jadoo 3 cause it dont have wide range of channels. Its crap...
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wo hooo, I can watch Geo Tv, Geo Sports on Jadoo Tv now.
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hi i m interested in watching geo tv especially news due to pak elections, can anyone suggest or i ask rogers to do it for me, i already subscribe to rogers cable tv. i m in mississuaga ON. Thanks.
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Hi :)

I bought jadoo 3 for 1 months ago and it is not working properly I should connect it to the internet everytime I want to watch jadoo :(, but today I tried 1000000 times no connection what should I do? and I just can not remove the parental control either coz I forgott the pass bwhat should I do. The seller is not answering my msg :(

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Please give me jadoo sri lanka tv links
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i need streamer of desi channels for mine own iptv, specially ten sports,geo super
pls contact with me your streming information
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forget to write my email: bobycalls@hotmail.com
i need streamer of desi channels for mine own iptv, specially ten sports,geo super
pls contact with me your streming information
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Please give tips to add new Desi channesl.I donot see all channels on Jadoo website.
Please send me working url,other working links for Sony,Zee-tv , Dailymotion .
PTV- Home,PTV News,PTV Global,? ARY , Express TV , Star-Gold,
please ,CNN, USA-TV,TBS,TNT,ABC,CBC,Sony-Ma­x, on my following email,Regards-     rightway44@hotmail.com
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WE have very Good Quality ASIAN Premium Channels
just copy the link and put in VLC or STB, its for to show the quality




Contact: bobycalls@hotmail.com
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Hey People, This is Manjeev Singh here, JadooTV's Jadoo3 Media Box is easy to install and simple to use not a rocket science, MY Jadoo Plus is where we can find links of other tv channels and JadooTV has provided a list of channels and with free subscriptions to all available channels you have good to go, So, i Don't know what's the big deal, as i have purchased the product and using it with no problem.
My Review is on how good the JadooTV product Jadoo3 is and not hurting people who posted negatively...
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Even before reading this topic I was discussing this Jadoo thing with my friends not to pay for it as this is illegal.  We have a website which works better than Jadoo and we don't even charge a penny letting people watch all the movies and channels for free. Its tv channels site which we receive complaints sometime and then remove the links straight away.   
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My app that I used to watch new Bollywood movies on disappeared anyone knows how to download it as I can't find it on apps market anymore
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this device does not work. all of the users who do not recommend this device are right. their customer service representatives are incompetent, they suck and they are rude! when they do not want to help you, they hang up on you. they make derogatory comments like they are better than you. had a bad experience and it is not worth the money they ask for it. 
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Shava is better all other the products. i got 10$ discount from companny when i put ( S006 ) om the coupon code then i just clicked on the radeem option . shava is almost 400 to 500 channels live channels. shava technical costumer support is too much fast i realy apprecitated
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Shava Tv Plus HD Max for Worldwide Live channels which included all of pakistani, indian, somalian, arabic, turkish, kurdish, afghani, bangladeshi and many many more. buy from our official website www.shavatv.com with the coupon code s006 and get speciall discount.
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Shava is really a good device for mix channels and movies also. I'm using from last 1 year and its working perfectly haven't any problem. I'm not paying any extra charges i have pay just one time not paying monthly or yearly. Customer support is free box updation is also free.
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I lose my money its crap don't buy it please 

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