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I want to install mame4all / mame4droid on my Amazon Fire TV. Could anyone please provide me complete information.
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MAME4droid works perfectly with Fire TV with Amazon game controllers /PS3/XBox 360 .

You can get the APK here:

Prerequisite: Android SDK installed on your computer.

  1. Install like this: adb install MAME4droid-1.5.2.apk

  2. Install Roms like this: adb push /sdcard/Roms/MAME4all/roms/

  3. Go into settings

  4. Disable Compatibility mode.

  5. make sure bitmap smoothing is activated.

  6. remove virtual controls from screen.

All Set. You now own a freaking arcade.

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Tried it, but can't get it to recognize ROMs.

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