How To Reset Your Windows 7 Password

It seems a universal phenomenon that users forgot their windows 7 password,and later it would cause series unhappy consequences.
How can we get rid of the trouble?Here are some tips.

1.Reset Win 7 Login Password From the Command Prompt
If you can log into the target Windows 7 and use another administrator account, you can reset your password Windows 7 free from the command prompt..the procedures can be seen below:

1.1: Press "Win key + R", and enter into the "Run" command box with "cmd" and click Enter to open a command prompt. And type "net user" in the command prompt, and then press "Enter." The command prompt will show all of the accounts on your Windows PC.

1.2: Enter net user user XYZ ,which is locked administrator account name and 123 is the new password and hit enter,then you have created a new password successfully on the  locked administrator account 

1.3: Input "Shutdown-R-T00", and then press the "Enter" key.
Your Windows 7 computer would be automatically rebooted , you can log on Windows 7 with the new password. This is a simple and easy way to reset windows 7 password without disc or a Windows password reset tool .

2. Ophcrack Will Help To Recover Windows 7 Password 
Ophcrack is an open source program which can reset Windows 7 password and other user password by using LM hashes through rainbow tables,this Windows Password Recovery tool is free. If you need a free Windows Password Recovery tool, you can have a try.
To start the password recovery process, you need to download the Ophcrack and the process can be list as follows:
2.1 Download the ISO image.
2.2 Burn it to a CD and boot the locked computer from the CD. 
2.3 The Ophcrack program starts, locates the Windows user accounts, and proceeds to recover (crack) the passwords .
The above process is all automatically.

Although Ophcrack is free, when you use it to recover password, you need to download a large ISO file (about 700MB), and the recovery process may be cost lots of time , and this way cannot succeed 100% to find back the password.

3.Hack Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Unlocker
The first solution is that you should create the Windows Password Unlocker,and it will help you reset your password  easily.There‚Äôs no need to re-install Windows or recall what the password is. The instruction of creating windows password unlocker can be seen as follows:

3.1 First of all you should Download and install the Password Unlocker Software to an accessible computer, and plug the CD or DVD in the optical drive, or insert a USB flash drive if  there is no CD-ROM drive available.

3.2 Run the password unlocker software and burn the password reset disk follow the instruction in the window after you have downloaded and install it.

3.3.Insert the password reset disk that you have created to the locked computer, and boot the computer from the disk.

3.4 Select a user to change or remove the password.

3.5 Use your new password to login ,and access your computer 

These are the useful ways to recover windows 7 password,they may help when you lost your windows 7 password.
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To reset windows 7 password, you can also use this Windows Password Recovery, which is able to create a password reset disk and then you can boot your computer from the disk to reset the password easily
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Here we can learn how to use Windows password recovery tool to get back lost Windows password in easy way. Windows Password recovery is such a powerful Windows password recovery software. It can help you reset all versions Windows password in quickest way. Read more: How to reset lenovo laptop password Windows 7

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