Is Jalva TV not working @ all.

Dear Knowledge Zone Team,

I bought Jalva Tv box for $399.99 around 5 months earlier here in Sydney. It worked ok until for about 3 months and from last couple of months it is not working at all. Just want to know is that Jalva TV still in operation or they ran away from IPTV business while other Tv are in the market. They dont have any contact at all and now even the website is not working at all. Is any idea to make it working again? Is any possibility to use same IPTV box but happy to pay for another provider like Jadoo, Shava or anything else to make it work again. 

Thanks a ton in an advance

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wow, you are right, their website is down....I don't have JALVA TV, but seems like they ran away....unless someone with jalva TV can comment on this post.

I have Jadoo & Shava & both are working fine for now.


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