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To see a List of the supported channels & details please visit their website.

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Set-top IPTV Box (Electronics) It is difficult to reivew a product like Jadoo3. As a technology piece it is great. It has a smooth interface, it has tons of content that it aggregates from all over the internet and it has some decent apps that modern Smart TVs and DVD Players have. However what most people get it for is to watch South Asian TV channels that are not available on Cable or Satellite here in the US, or are grossly overpriced if available. And in this respect, Jadoo fails. There are a few channels that comes added out of the box, and these work fine. But these are channels nobody has heard of or care to watch.Now Jadoo has a really slick feature where as a user you can go on their website and add a url to a streaming link for any channel. Visitng the Jadoo site, there are over 1000 such links added to the website and growing each day. The big problem is these are user added content that is not checked to see if they work, and is also not entirely legal. Also the search interface on the website is terrible as nothing comes up when you search. So your only option to go page by page and subscribe to a channel and then check in Jadoo if it actually works. We followed this tedious process for a whole weekend and managed to find about 20 popular Indian channels and we were happy. However 3 days later, all the links we found and subscribed to, were down. And it was back to searching and finding new content.When you compare it with other devices of the same nature, like Apple TV, Roku or Boxee; it is hard to recommend this product because of its price.

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