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Hai I am thinking to buy jadoo 3. Is jadoo tv channel service is best plz suggest and could you plz tell me price in Australian dollars
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did you visit their website for pricing info? in US its $249.

Regarding channels, there is a POST on this website which shows with image how many and what channels they offer.

They dont offer any great indian channels, however there are few pakistani channels (Hum Tv, some news channels etc).

Shava Tv Offers more Live channels then Jadoo Tv, but there is an on-demand section on jadoo tv where you can see recorded stuff.
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Dear Valued Customer/Prospective Customers, 

Just to address some of the comments that we've seen here. Please note we are the only box that pays licensing fees for our LIVE TV & On Demand content and we have agreements with Film Studios and TV Broadcasters. We have 150+ Live Channels, over 1000+ Bollywood & Regional Films (Master Prints from Studios), and have over 11000+ hours of Curated On Demand Content. Moreover, our selection is improving each month as more and more channels & studios see the benefit of partnering with us over traditional cable and DTH platforms. We've partnered with Industry leading technology partners (Amazon, Vidillion, YuMe, Verismo, Etisalat, PTCL to name a few), and we're committed to being the provider of choice the South Asian diaspora. 

If you chose to buy these other fly-by-night boxes, please be aware and make sure to verify the legality of their content rights and companies. You will be left in the lurch when as these boxes get infringement notices and are shut down. The sellers of these boxes want to make a quick buck and disappear overseas during the time legal proceedings go through due process. Their companies are not legally registered anywhere. The end loser will be the customer that has purchased the box. We've been around for over 5 years, have sold hundreds of thousands of units to satisfied customers, partnered with content owners, and are a registered California Corporation. We are here for our existing user-base and new customers and if you have any questions or concerns, please E-mail or call us:



+1 619-523-6688 (US)
+1 289-466-1005 (Canada)
+44 (0) 203-371-8688 (UK)
+61 3-9008-6215 (Australia)
+49 69-5780-1985 (Germany) 

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Hi, Do you have english movie channels or movies in your on demand section?

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