Windows Password Key Help You Reset Password Toshiba Laptop Windows 7

"One month ago, I bought new Toshiba laptop, and I created a new password to the administrator account of my windows 7 system. Unfortunately, I forgot the password and I haven’t created a toshiba password reset disk. I cannot access my computer now. Anyone can give me a workable solutions to reset laptop password? ”
- A Yahoo user asked.

“This Afternoon, when I login my Toshiba laptop, I got an error message ”Incorrect user name or password”. what’s wrong? What can I do to recover my computer password? I need to use my computer to finish my work. I an using Windows 7 home premium. I am looking forward your help.”
- Quest from Microsoft Answer.

Option 1: Reset password toshiba laptop windows 7 by Administrator account.

If you can login your windows 7 with an account who have privilege, you can reset the password for any account without any password software.

Reset windows 7 password command prompt (only workable for administrator account): Login as administrator, and launch command prompt (or run command prompt as administrator). And then type in: net user <user name> <new password> to reset the <new user> password.

Reset windows 7 password with GUI control panel: Start -> Open Control Panel -> Click User Account and Family Safety -> Click an account to open account setting -> Select change the password on left panel -> Type in new password and confirm password -> Click Change password button to safe setting.

Option 2: How to reset Toshiba password with Windows Password Key

1. Download Windows Password Recovery Key and install it.
2. Burn the ISO image file to a bootable password recovery CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.
3. Set your locked Toshiba PC as target to boot from CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive.
4. Complete Toshiba Windows 7 password reset.

There are many ways to get toshiba password reset windows 7. But the best way is using Windows Password Key. You had better have a try.

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