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We dreamed of visiting the pyramids of Egypt, surfing off the Hawaiian coast, dining at a Parisian cafe, drinking espresso in Rome, trekking through the rainforest, and so much more. Sadly, many of us never made these journeys and the opportunity passed us by. 

I know computer is a double-edged sword for me, but unfortunately I have fall into one of these.  I open the computer just for watching the TV play series and sometimes, listening to the music. I haven't played my piano for a long time because I am addicted to the online games. I can even wind a trumpet last year, but forgot it as for lacking enough practice. I know I am not a good guy but I can't stop it.

In order to stop this bad situation my parents set up passwords for my computer. However I even go to the net bar and keeping on playing. Then I have little money after two weeks. I have to search online and find out some methods to remove my computer password. I search and search, finally an application called SmartKey Windows Password Recovery, one of the SmartKey Password Recovery  tools came up to my eyes.

It is truly easily and quickly to recover lost password without losing any data.  What's more, it can not only recover windows password but also recover office lost password, database password, file password, recover email password  and Internet browser password. 

Really helpful for me, and I decide to use the SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle  for Windows to have a try, it worked well and I access my computer quickly. But then I see the family photo on my desktop and I realize my fault must have hearted my parents deeply. I cry and close my computer finally. 

Life is good; don't misunderstand. Few of us walk around every day pining for our youth, at least I hope not, but we do occasionally look back with a wistful sigh and wish that we planned more, lived more, and stretched ourselves more when we had the freedom and energy to do so. 

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