Dishnetwork Hum TV not working

It seems like Hum Tv's contract with Dishnetwork is over. They replaced Hum tv with Dunya Tv. And its surprising that HUM TV USA is available on Jadoo Tv & Shava Tv.

Below is official note from HUM TV (As of nov 23, 2012):

Dear USA Fans,
Unfortunately today DISH Network has removed HUM TV USA and Masala TV. HUM TV is the most popular Pakistani entertainment channel in America. If you are the subscriber of HUM TV on DISH, I would greatly appreciate if you can call DISH and demand HUM Network. I am sure they will listen to their consumers ...
and will bring back HUM. I am not sure what they are telling their customers but from our side we have not changed our contract or demanded anything new from them. If you were the HUM TV USA customer, please let me know what DISH is telling you?
Thank you.
HUM Tv's Live streaming is available at their official website for FREE.
You may also visit Hum Tv's Youtube Channel and enjoy their Drama serials.
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I don't know what's the issue between humtv and dish network all I have to say fan of hum tv are suffering in Canada so please don't some thing we have to caught up on dramas through YouTube with is nt fun any more please do some thing,

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I called dishnetwork they told me that hum tv has increased their demand and wants us to pay more.

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Here is the latest update...

Dear USA HUM TV Fans,
We are working with DISH Network to bring back your favorite channel (HUM TV and Masala TV). In the mean time you can still continue to enjoy HUM TV on Jadoo TV.

- Hum TV Management

Disclaimer! Information above is not verified.

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I aint gonna buy jadoo tv/Shava tv or anything, Youtube Rocks...I can watch all of their Drama's without commericals:)

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