Jadoo Tv Adds JADOO FLIX

This month Jadoo Tv added something new, called "Jadoo Flix", Thats right. its not NetFlix, its JadooFlix. its a database of Desi Movies, however before you become super excited, you must know these movies are NOT new, and only few movies are added so far.

if you want to watch latest movies, then JadooFlix is not for you, or maybe atleast for now, who knows maybe they will add new content in future.

I will update this blog, if there is something new to report!

Thanks for reading.

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why dont jadoo flix movies have subtitles in english? and it did have new movier=es. plus some movies do have subs.
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Regarding subtitles you should speak to jadoo tv directly. 
As far as movies are concerns they are not brand new.... Few are new BUT 
Jadoo adds new movies after months of their release date. 
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Hi Hara, the reason why you see limited content for movies in JadooFLIX is that we legally buy movies from studios in India. Hence, studios only sell rights after they are done with theatrical screenings. However, they are starting to see the value of early online releases, and so the trend is moving in the right direction. Additionally, please note that the same goes for LIVE TV content. We have licensed agreements with all channels. If you buys these fly-by-night boxes, please ask them if they have content rights. You will be left in the lurch when they get infringement notices and are shut down. We've been around for over 5 years because we are integral part of the industry. 
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Thanks JadooTv for your response....

anyway you can post latest news about your device on our this website? and also is it possible to have subtitles feature in future updates?
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Hello i have a problem i buyed a jadoo 3 but every time i m changing channel i m getting adds nd these adds we cant see while sitting in family what can i do ?
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there is nothing you can do about it. sorry. 

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