Desi Channels on Apple Tv or PC or Android [updated]

Do you want to enjoy desi channels on your Tv,iPhone/iPad or PC? Then guess what, you can do it ABSOLUTELY FREE. you dont need to buy jadoo tv or shava tv or anything, simply watch them on PC OR buy a Apple Tv & watch on TV, OR enjoy them on ipad/iphone.

In order to watch desi channels on your Apple Tv (Which connects with TV), Computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod you need to install a software called XBMC, once installed you can DO many things with it., Like watch Live Tv, recorded tv shows, sports, movies & much more.

For Your Apple Tv / iPhone or iPad you have to make sure your Apple product is jailbroken and you have Cydia installed. for PC you can simply install the software and you are good to go.

UPDATE: Want to watch Pakistani Live Tv & Tv shows for FREE on your Android Device without installing XMBC/KODI? then you can download our Android App Called "Desi Tv". Please Download  our Free  Desti Tv App , Click here to see whats in the app

Download the app from Amazon App Store

OR, if you do not want to download from the Amazon App Store then you can directly download our App by clicking on the Android Icon Below. Make sure you have Unknown Sources Checked within your Android Device (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources)

Step 1: Install XBMC/Kodi

Pc/Mac users     : Download XBMC from
iPhone/iPad users: Download From Cydia (

Step 2: Install Fusion

Step 1: Launch XBMC Software.

Step 2: Navigate to “SYSTEM” and then open “File Manager.”

Step 3: Select “Add Source” on the Left Side of the Screen.

Step 4: Click on the text box that says <None> to open up the keyboard.


Step 5: Type “” (without quotations) on the keyboard and then choose the “Done” button on the left side of the keyboard.


Step 6: You’ll now see the site address that you just typed at the top is listed, next click the empty text box at the bottom under “Enter a name for this media Source.”

Step 7: You’ll now have a keyboard pop up, type “fusion” (without quotations) then press the “Done” button again.

Skip Step 8,9

Step 10: From the Main Menu, choose “Settings” under the “SYSTEM” menu listing.

Step 11: Choose the “Addons” menu from the left side of the window.

Step 12: Select the “Install from zip file” option from the list.

Step 13: Choose the “fusion” folder listed on the right side of the popup. You can choose "start here" and then click on "Add on Installer". Add-on Installer is a app store just like you have apple app store. it gets installed under "Program > Addons" menu within Kodi. So go to programs and open up Add on Installer. once opened search for "Zem Tv". Zem tv has alot of desi channels. if you just want desi channels then you are done at this step.

Step 14: Browse through the Fusion folder and select whichever files you want to install, one by one, and they’ll be instantly available within your XBMC installation.

Step 15: You’ll now need to click a “Get Add-ons” button.

Step 16: Choose the repository that was just installed from the ZIP file. In this case, we’re using “Bstrdsmkr’s Repository” as an example.

Step 17: Select the “Video Add-ons” option.

Step 18: Click the name of the plugin you wish to enable.

Step 19: Choose “Install” on the left side to enable the selected video addon.

Step 20: Return to the main menu, and go into the category which your addon was installed to (most likely either VIDEOS, MUSIC or PROGRAMS). In this case, we installed a Video Addon, so it’ll be in “Add-ons” under the “VIDEOS” menu. You’ll now be able to access and use the addon at your convenience.

You’ll now want to repeat the procedure from Step 10 onwards in order to install additional repositories and addons. Repeat as necessary.

if you are not willing to do it all by yourself then contact the person who made this video below ( He has Kodi installed on jailbroken Amazon Fire Tv, You can connect Fire Tv  
to your TV and enjoy it. He will ship out the jailbroken box with all the stuff that you see in the video below.

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as u know, all of the indian VOD channels stopped wokring on the other addons. can u update the article to include watching VOD ie. Balika Vadhu and such. thank you
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In process of purchasing jailbroken apple tv 2, are we currently able to watch geo news and ary tv?


by: on
@mody, its not gurranteed, it goes up and down...but LOTS of on-demand content & other channels.
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dear moby , how we can watch Geo News on apple Tv 2 ( Jailbroken )  please reply on thanks
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lol at Asim, moby himself is asking for help.


read the states clearly how to do guys dont even try & expecting magic.

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Hi Moby,

I am getting an error 404 when trying to play Ind or Pak livestream using the above xml's.. any idea mate ?

thanks in advance..
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I updated the Article, please go over it again.

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Hey guys just first step about live stream add on where I have to go in xbmc or do I have to do on pc first  plzzz let me know thanxxx
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i ve a question. my desi channel doesn t work, can anybody help me.
I need a complete discription. 

thanks a lot!!
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WOW, I just found that my personal xml files shared without even informing me. I deleted these even these are outdated and I different ways on my boxes to watch updated stuff. Even non of stream is mine but I work full time to scrap and maintain them. I don't beleive in subscription, so anybody who bought streaming box from me can use all live lists and addons I maintain for my personal use on the boxes they bought.
Alot of new and updated material is only available on boxes I sell.
by: on
I shared these files long time ago with online community and requested to test and send me back with channel name additions. But no one helped me in editing channels, and shared these on there blogs (even some made paid websites with the help of my lists). So I decided to keep my updated files only on streaming boxes I sell. 
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is anyone able to watch geo news (live)with the help of xbmc. I have download xbmc but the link provided for geo or any other link not working. can anyone help please i m at thanks
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Now I am selling new 3D/1080P streaming box with all English plus free special package for any ethnic group of world (on request). It is not like these jadoo, shava, btv etc. which depends on one server of there own. My boxes have access to all sources (thousands of servers) available anywhere on internet. So as you anything regarding media available somewhere on internet, so do my boxes.

As I started to make streaming boxes with idea to sell to desi community 4 yrs ago with name BESTdesiTV, but strangly 95% of my customers are non desis so I changed the name to BDTV
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The dropbox link doesn't contain files anymore. Can you provide a better linke?
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For me there is no need for this because you can go on geo news and ary news websites and they provide live streaming 
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I live in Norway and would like to get access to Sky sports, movies and some of the desi channels.
I have a sky dish, but it has to be removed, hence I need streaming - and my internet acess is fast!
Can anyone help me?

appreciate your assistance!
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WE have very Good Quality ASIAN Channels
just copy the link and put in VLC or STB


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Thank Bobby, 

You Rock, got any more links? they work like charm.

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yes we have total 24 channels of same quality, 80% indian/pak premium channels which not providing any asian iptv
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, i found it from this person is nice and give free stream

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links are not working
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With so many inferior knockoffs out there, it will require a little detective work and a bit of research.
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Hi bdtv I have some questions regarding your live channels list you provide on your syreaming boxes I'm also a seller I'm looking for ways to make my boxes better than the guy selling down the street can you please help me 

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