connect jadoo tv with pc


connect jadoo tv / Jalwa Tv / Shava Tv with pc /laptop

Do you want to connect your jadoo Tv with PC Monitor or Laptop? if thats the case then there is a possiblity you can do this...if your monitor has HDMI OR DVI input then you can do this, Please note jadoo tv/Shava/Jalva have HDMI input built into them, same you can do with your laptop. DVI input is little bigger compared to HDMI & looks like this Image... and mostly modern monitors have DVI/HDMI input, you can buy a cable which will convert DVI into HDMI.. to buy the Cable follow the link below (Search for HDMI to DVI cable), and if your monitor/laptop supports HDMI input then simply search for HDMI cable.

Visit this website to buy HDMI cable.

My monitor supports DVI, so I bought DVI to HDMI cable & it worked like a charm, however if your monitor and laptop have HDMI only then its even easier, just order the HDMI to HDMI cable from the link given above.

if you have any questions then please list them below and i will answer them personally.

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My monitor has HDMI , but do I need the HDMI TO HDMI cable to connect my jadoo in ? The cable from Jadooo to the monitor connects, but it still does not work
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if your monitor has HDMI input already, then its not a monitor...its an LCD TV. you can use any HDMI <-> HDMI cable for this. if you still cant get it to work then you sure you tried all "Sources" on LCD TV?
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can i connect jadoo tv on my pc?
Plz let me know..


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its not working at all, but u need to restart all time when ever u want to connect and u need external wireless with tv to connect jadoo  
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How I connect Jadoo2 to my TV?
I am using only Apple Ipad 2.

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