shava tv vs jadoo tv vs jalva tv

I could not find any valuable and fair information about these desi IPTV  boxes on internet. i am a owner of JAdoo Tv and Shava Tv...and i also know people who use Jalva Tv....i hope my article will help you buy the one that you need most.

Jadoo Tv (1 or 2)
Jadoo has stopped support for Jadoo 1 & 2. its for those who dont care about LIVE tv and like on-demand stuff only...jadoo tv has alot of on-demand dramas and movies. oh and cricket is also available, but no LIVE good channels.

Jadoo Tv 3

It has some nice on-demand stuff, and few live channels. I tried Hum Tv, Express News and few other news channels. Does not have GEO, ARY and does not have new Movies

Jadoo Tv 4

Lastest Jadoo tv to date, it has new air remote (you can use your fingers on remote to move around menus), option to install 3rd party apps (netflix etc). on-demand and live content is pretty similar to jadoo tv 3. 

Shava Tv
Built specialty for Desi Pakistani has alot of Live Desi Pakistani channels and few Indians also. on-demand content for shava tv is very poor and cant even come close to jadoo. one more nice feature Shava has can record programs (you have to buy Hard Drive). They also keep adding new movies. Shava Tv is less stable compared to jadoo... in terms of speed & support.

Jalva Tv
it is almost same as Shava, however does not have recording feature...rumors had it that jalva is about to change its name to BTV...which means something fishy is going on and i dont know for how long this box will stay in business.

on-demand suff includes movies, dramas,songs etc...and if this is what you need then get Jadoo...however jadoo is not posting content like it used to..could take days for new songs/movies to get updated. shava is for paki Live channels only..jalva I dont know for how long it can stay in market.

if you want to buy them then try not to buy prices are pretty expensive...if you want to buy it then i would recommend you to buy from local stores...ask me if you need help.

Shava & Jadoo around $250,  BTV is Around $280..and jalva is around $350.

Did anyone tried any other box? or does anyone have their own opinion? then please share below.

At the end of the these boxes are NOT really legal or official buy it at your own risk.

If you need to see the Screenshots of Jadoo Tv then visit Jadoo Tv Channels Blog.
If you need to see the Screenshots of Shava Tv Then visit Shava Tv Blog.

This site launched Desi Tv on Demand Section to watch recorded dramas. Click here to try it.

Do you want to watch Desi Tv for Free on TV/iPhone/iPad? Then read this blog about watching desi channels on tv

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@Jadoo TV, If Jadoo TV is leagal in Australia, What is ABN number and registered address for Jadoo TV. I coud not find on ASIC website




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Any one has used Jadoo 3 ...pls. comment I am about to buy one


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All I have to say about Boom It is crap. Will Not update firmware and will not update shows.
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Many customers have misunderstanding regarding channels offered by the company and the channels added my customers.

I am not sure about shava TV but on jadoo box that channels that are in My Jadoo section such as Geo, ARY etc are not provided by the company jadoo tv but are added by its customers and then shared between their boxes.

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high quality stream channels india pakistan


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JADOO has the worst customer service i have ever come across.. My Jadoo has not been working for a week. I called many times but no one is there in their 24/7 support center to answer the call. I left messages but no one returned my calls. I finally got a hold of someone on their chat service but they tell me their my jadoo box will not work anyomre.. because it cannot receive signals anymore.. its obsolete.. Its only 3 years old. They want me to buy a new jadoo box.. Microsoft ended support for windows xp on April 8th but it still works and they told the whole world about it.. unlike Jadoo tv people. We should sue this company for not telling us that they will end support and there is nothing we can do. TAKE THEM TO COURT!!! BUY SHAVA TV instead!!
Any Lawyers out there who want to take this court??
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WoW,that sounds great,and you could see more comments in 
MoonarStore,good luck 

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i like shava tv because I bought shava box about a month back. Id say I am satisfied with it because there are at least 34 live news channels and also  shows Pakistan dramas. Some of the more popular Pakitani channels like ary, geo etc.  Also reasonable quantity of on demand. Picture quality is  great. If you are poor like me and have to buy a box then I would recommend Shava.
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I bought Shava TV and a few weeks later, some Chinese writing translating to no cable or wifi came up. Even though I had every cable in the right place!
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shava tv all the time is getting good performances from the UK and canada and all other europe is on top today and people are using it more shava tv it has many channals all of pakistani and other which you want... its my suggest to all buy shava tv....
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Do not buy BoomTV, its server is down most of the time and now almost permanently.
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Hey guys. Ive spent $300 on this shava box. That was totally waste of my hard working money. Im here to helo you guys to save your money. Worst box and worst customer service.   
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the android is operating system to run different apps but tv is simple meant for watching channels so the iptv of my choice is shava tv have good channels high pic quality and can some body tell what is the version of android they have    
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Jadoo is a piece of crap too slow for me...Shava is so far better than Jadoo in all aspects..highly recommend Shava over Jadoo
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Thanks for your interest in SHAVA IPTV. SHAVA has a great mix of Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Persian, Afghani, Somali, Turkish, Kurdish, Bengali, Taamil, Hindi, Punjabi, English, Sports, Cartoon channels and much more… As regards picture quality, SHAVA is the best in IPTV world. No activation charges and no monthly/yearly fees or hidden charges.

Shava”, in South Asia, is traditionally used for expressing Joy, Liberty and Appreciation. With ShavaTV, we try to bring the same feelings for the folks who live far away from the places of their hearts! Internet has made it possible to bring Live or Recorded Videos to your TV sets and ShavaTV utilizes the same tool and finds appropriate internet sources and take the signals to your TV Sets.

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Hy, every one i want to say you.. I have been using Shava1 more then one years i never had any problem to update my box it update automatically i just wonder how come a some 1 is asking to update actually it comes under warranty for 1 years from its official site... to shave web site and order a box.. that is a legal way of buying... about channel they got tons of channel all indian and pakistani good english movie channel and already censored. most channels are have a good quality picture.. some time does loading thing but its ok not always not all channel because they keep updating their services.  At the I would say I happy now..
you can also visit on shavatv website

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Shava tv channels. Geo Ary Hum tv Express tv Aaj Mta Dont watch Indian channels.
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i am using shav tv last 9 months ago its a very good quality picture and it has a many different channels iam satisfied with it..
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iam bought shava tv its a very good for me you can buy also through online visit the shava web site
you can buy through become a dealer... its very cheap other then... its my suggest buy shava tv and enjoy many chanels which you want with good quality of picture
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Shava Tv is way better for sure. Its durable and last longer with less or I must say no buffering at all.  It has faster processor and the Linux based Operating system makes it user friendly and too easy to operate.



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If you extra money to throw then go ahead and buy this piece of shit shawa tv box. Worst dollars I've ever spent on my life. 
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hy guys iam using shava tv it is very useful for me and it is very cheap of others.. thanks imran you are selling very low price beter then jadoo etc
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i bought shava tv today its very cheap and good because it has alot channels
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Yeah i agree with hillry this shava tv device is really best.
Shava TV
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