shava tv vs jadoo tv vs jalva tv

I could not find any valuable and fair information about these desi IPTV  boxes on internet. i am a owner of JAdoo Tv and Shava Tv...and i also know people who use Jalva Tv....i hope my article will help you buy the one that you need most.

Jadoo Tv (1 or 2)
Jadoo has stopped support for Jadoo 1 & 2. its for those who dont care about LIVE tv and like on-demand stuff only...jadoo tv has alot of on-demand dramas and movies. oh and cricket is also available, but no LIVE good channels.

Jadoo Tv 3

It has some nice on-demand stuff, and few live channels. I tried Hum Tv, Express News and few other news channels. Does not have GEO, ARY and does not have new Movies

Jadoo Tv 4

Lastest Jadoo tv to date, it has new air remote (you can use your fingers on remote to move around menus), option to install 3rd party apps (netflix etc). on-demand and live content is pretty similar to jadoo tv 3. 

Shava Tv
Built specialty for Desi Pakistani has alot of Live Desi Pakistani channels and few Indians also. on-demand content for shava tv is very poor and cant even come close to jadoo. one more nice feature Shava has can record programs (you have to buy Hard Drive). They also keep adding new movies. Shava Tv is less stable compared to jadoo... in terms of speed & support.

Jalva Tv
it is almost same as Shava, however does not have recording feature...rumors had it that jalva is about to change its name to BTV...which means something fishy is going on and i dont know for how long this box will stay in business.

on-demand suff includes movies, dramas,songs etc...and if this is what you need then get Jadoo...however jadoo is not posting content like it used to..could take days for new songs/movies to get updated. shava is for paki Live channels only..jalva I dont know for how long it can stay in market.

if you want to buy them then try not to buy prices are pretty expensive...if you want to buy it then i would recommend you to buy from local stores...ask me if you need help.

Shava & Jadoo around $250,  BTV is Around $280..and jalva is around $350.

Did anyone tried any other box? or does anyone have their own opinion? then please share below.

At the end of the these boxes are NOT really legal or official buy it at your own risk.

If you need to see the Screenshots of Jadoo Tv then visit Jadoo Tv Channels Blog.
If you need to see the Screenshots of Shava Tv Then visit Shava Tv Blog.

This site launched Desi Tv on Demand Section to watch recorded dramas. Click here to try it.

Do you want to watch Desi Tv for Free on TV/iPhone/iPad? Then read this blog about watching desi channels on tv

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Disappointed.had Shava for 1 year and now says needs to renew. I contacted support but no response. Think before you get into Shava.
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@ Amit Bhatiya: Which dish is offering for just $50 a year for all these channels.. plz confirm as I am about to buy channels soon.. thnx.
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i am kamal living in Bangkok

i am interested to see indian and eng and other lik colors, start all, sony, zee, others eng channel discovery . National geoprahi, HBO. AXN

so which box is good for me. where i buy for cheap and best facilities

They have gurantee if not work can return,??

 in future how long gurantee you can give.??

what is quality?

 how i know befor use is it enough clear ??,

how much i have to pay,?

How much for box price and monthly place

you can help me to solve my pblm

thanks a lot

.thanks waiting your reply kamal

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To get all the desi channels and movies on apple tv is pretty easy, all you have to do is jailbreak
 Your apple tv and then install xbmc from cydia. 

Please note you can do this on iphone, ipad and ipod as well. 

I will write an article on it soon. 
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1 want to buy btv ,shava ifor $150 thanks
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Shava tv is the best ip tv box
its have more channles 
better quality
less buffering
u can record also pvr system
imran have discount price call him
647707612 free shipping in while north america
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I buy Shava tv from Imran 647 707 6712

he gave shava granteed lowest price and he told me he match any advertise price

i show him one add and i get 10$ more discount

he always answer my call if any problim

kindly if any body need shava tv or jadoo tv or b tv call imran at 647 707 6712 u will not disappointed

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Friends...Buy livetvbox..if you really wanna watch indian and pakistani channels with the best picture quality. You will forget any other iptv box...!! yes that is right it excellent..:)
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All, Shava and BTV are completely illegal. You will end up spending money ad they will pull all the content. I know this because I work in the industry ad we have been recording these two boxes and working with a global law firm to  have the owners arressted and data center's fined under international copyright violations.
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hi guys i have made up my mind to buy Boom Tv so anyone tell me about Boom Tv??? Is GOod
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Bought Shava2 a week ago and already issues in getting any channels. System not working and dealer not picking his phone. Wasted £230 on this piece of rubbish. Fraudster company through and through.
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Hi, I bought a Shava box, Initially working nice, it has many live content but it has started pause and buffer the video so I have email to support to resolve issue. Unfortunately rather than improving their streaming capacity of server they have blamed my Internet speed. My Internet speed is 14 to 16 Mbps. I am having no problem in streaming other video from my PC to TV and from mobile. Matter of fact
all says 2 Mbps speed is at least is good for this type of IPTV boxes and the box itself shows good speed on test. I had also used local ISP supplied box and found no problem. This is incompetence of Shava TV. Please don't buy Shava TV.
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i buy shava tv from imran he gave granteed lowest price and he come to my home and install me and guide me how to use

he is nice man u can even call him if any body need shava tv box his number is 647 707 6712 and his email is

the latest shava tv with new progrmae install on it i mean with new software is really good i like it

no buffring and very good quality if u need any technical support u can call direct imran

he is the main distributor in canada



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Hi .. all I am looking for indian channnels tv.. what is the best option is it the dish tv or these set up boxes . please suggest me thanks Vaishali
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Bought shava TV today in Melbourne Aussie, good channels, most of them work including geo, dawn, hum and all. Has 3 English movie channels, a couple cartoon channels, has uploaded movies to play directly but mostly cam print. Most of the channels are good quality(playing in 60" plasma) but some channels do break pixel, does not buffer or lag. 
Using telstra adsl2+ And wifi dongle, speed which the box is taking is 3-3.5 Mbps and appox will eat up 100Gb if watched carefully(turning it of at night and when no one is watching. Got it from a pvt person who came and installed for $300.
I currently get 19mbps and am very happy with the purchase as my Internet is still fast. Make sure you check your Internet before purchasing this. 
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thanks members for your feedback about Jadoo,Shava n Jalwa Hd setup Box.

i was warned by a well known Satelitte ,in Australiasia that Shava , Jadoo and Jalwa are not worth the money.

the signals are received via a third party not the original saatellite providers.

BUYERS BEWARE, $300 is a lot fo money

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Hi just a general question for everybody, which one is better interms of reception, channels, durability, reliability and satisfaction. I am thinking to buy one but no sure which one is better. I am kind of confused after reading all these feed back!!!!!
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if you Love LIVE news pakistani channels & Indian movies then go for Jalva.
if you love recorded TV Shows & Dramas then go to Jadoo
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All you guys talking about bad choices try live tv hd they have all the channels. I have one and very happy to see channels from india. 
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Is anyone else having problems with Jalva TV? Half the channels don't work anymore and no response from the technical support on their website.
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Dear Valued Customer/Prospective Customers, 

Just to address some of the comments that we've seen here. Please note we are the only box that pays licensing fees for our LIVE TV & On Demand content and we have agreements with Film Studios and TV Broadcasters. We have 150+ Live Channels, over 1000+ Bollywood & Regional Films (Master Prints from Studios), and have over 11000+ hours of Curated On Demand Content. Moreover, our selection is improving each month as more and more channels & studios see the benefit of partnering with us over traditional cable and DTH platforms. We've partnered with Industry leading technology partners (Amazon, Vidillion, YuMe, Verismo, Etisalat, PTCL to name a few), and we're committed to being the provider of choice the South Asian diaspora. 

If you chose to buy these other fly-by-night boxes, please be aware and make sure to verify the legality of their content rights and companies. You will be left in the lurch when as these boxes get infringement notices and are shut down. The sellers of these boxes want to make a quick buck and disappear overseas during the time legal proceedings go through due process. Their companies are not legally registered anywhere. The end loser will be the customer that has purchased the box. We've been around for over 5 years, have sold hundreds of thousands of units to satisfied customers, partnered with content owners, and are a registered California Corporation. We are here for our existing user-base and new customers and if you have any questions or concerns, please E-mail or call us:


+1 619-523-6688 (US)
+1 289-466-1005 (Canada)
+44 (0) 203-371-8688 (UK)
+61 3-9008-6215 (Australia)
+49 69-5780-1985 (Germany) 

JadooTV, Inc.
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jadooTv, how DO I get Amazon, Vidillion, YuMe, Verismo, Etisalat, PTC on my jadoo Tv? I dont see them available?
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i have shava tv and it was perfactly workijng fine until now WHY does it show load data fail .. when i go to channels while movies and you tube is working fine.
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Hi All, There is desclaimer on live TV website. I think it is not legal. There is no ABN or register business.


Disclaimer: LIVETVBOX HD IPTV is not responsible for the contents and it does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content viewable through LIVETVBOX HD Device. LIVETVBOX HD is providing the links to the streams of channels/programs as they are available on the internet by different sources, and the links may be lose connection from time to time

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@ Vaishali, I have Vision Asia. It is legal and registered company. Please visit for more information

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