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Did you lose that jadoo tv remote control? or maybe it’s too small for you to handle. well don’t worry, you can easily replace your jadoo tv remote with *any universal remote control. These universal remote controls are very cheap, you can buy them and replace your jadoo tv remote totally. before you buy any universal remote make sure it has "Learning Mode", with learning mode you can program every jadoo remote button into a custom button.

i have done this myself and I can confirm this works. even if you lost your remote, just borrow a remote from friend and then use your universal remote control to program its commands. Good luck making your jadoo tv universal remote

same applies to JALVA Tv remote control as well. below is a remote which you can buy and not only use it with your all other devices BUT with jadoo / shava / jalva tv as well. click it to buy it directly from authorized dealer.

Browse our Universal Remote Control Section OR buy the remote given below

It replaces up to seven individual remote controls in an affordable, user-friendly design, with bright backlighting for ease of use. URC's WR7 remote works with thousands of A/V devices and has multiple set-up options, including the unique "Quick Set-up" that does almost all of the work for you. You can also use device auto-search and a "Learning" feature for flexible setup applications.

Learning Mode

This feature will allow you to literally teach the URC-WR7 commands from other remote controls; when the remote is in learning mode, you can line the two remotes facing each other and transfer commands with just a few buttons presses. Press any button on the WR7 remote that you want to teach a command to. For example, if you want to teach the MUTE button on the WR7 remote the TV Mute command from the other remote, first press the MUTE button on the WR7 remote and the TV component button LED light will blink once indicating that the WR7 remote is ready to learn the command. This way, your remote is never obsolete--the URC-WR7 grows with your home theater.

Thats how it works:

Buy the remote I mentioned above (For shava, jadoo, jalva or any other box), I am using almost the same one and it does the job, it works like this...

- You need to put your Shava Tv Remote and Universal Remote (facing each other)
- Press Button on Shava Remote & then Press the Same button on Universal Remote (For example "OK" Button)
- You have to copy all buttons one by one.

Universal remote controls above comes with a book, and it explains in detail HOW to use the Learning mode. So dont worry, once you have it you will figure this out.

Any questions. Post below.


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OK it looks like purchasing a universal remote with LEARNING MODE is only applicable if you still have a working remote. Now the question that does not seem to be getting answered is, what about a broken or lost remote? What option is there to replace it? 
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I last my jadoo 4 tv remote control  how i can gt one plz let me asap

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my jadoo4 air mouse not working, i buy different one brand(not jadoo) from online. is it work? if work what i have to do? pls let me know.

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My Jaadu 5 box not switching on, light is not getting blue. Please tell me how to switch it on ? 
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My Jaadu 5 box not switching on, light is not getting blue. Please tell me how to switch it on ? 
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Wow! your article is really great with detailed information.

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Hi my Jadoo 5tv box no workings please help me

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