How to reach Jadoo2 ?

 Please let me know how to contact Jadoo2 sponcers  for help.


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try this link:
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Hello my name is Amrit my jadoo tv is not working something it's on and something it's off automatic . Plz reply me back 
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Amrit, i dont think its your jadoo only. Jadoo one and jadoo 2 are having these issues. 
They want us to buy jadoo 3 tv. My jadoo restarts diring watching movoes. 
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I have the same thing too. But, how do i fix this. It doesn't even go to the homepage of jadoo. I need help please!!!!!
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Raman, can you post a picture of your TV SCREEN? so we can help. there is a option to upload picture while commenting (Upload Image) is the icon.

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