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jadoo tv channel list

Jadoo tv channel list - About Jadoo TV

Update: As most of you know, As of March 19,2011 mostly all content providers issued a lawsuit against Jadoo tv & almost all the channels have been removed. please DO NOT BUY JADOO TV OR JALVA TV or any other IPTV box, they all are ILLEGAL. In order to help community if you know any working channels for jadoo tv then please share them under Working Jadoo Tv Channels section. Please check back for latest updates.
** UPDATE **
Jadoo Tv is back with Jadoo tv 3, however we cant promise about the list of channels they have.
Let me start by saying, jadoo tv is a useless device. you will not see any Pay Per View's or premium channels by buying this device. you can watch few Indian channels on it (not all of them), with poor quality and they go up and down constantly with allot of buffering. This product is totally overpriced. if it was around $20 then it’s worth buying (maybe).
How to Watch Free TV
if you just want to watch few channels online, then you don’t need this device, you can watch Indian channels live on many websites c. or just Google it, you will see 100z of sites.
How Jadoo Tv Works
Basically it uses your internet connection, so you must have a Fast Internet ISP. then it connects itself to its server(which streams channels) and streams them for you, which is same as if you were watching these channels on your computer. You can buy yourself a PS3 and have Ps3 stream internet for you (at least you getting a blu-ray player and gaming console for this price).
You are also running into a risk where a device connects itself to internet, and your computers IP address could be saved and reported back to legal authorities. My advice is to stay away from this device, its overpriced, it's not 100% legal, it lags alot and offers only few useless channels.
I can’t really provide a list of 100% valid channels, since every other day they are been taking down (upon legal notice). Sooner or later all channels will disappear from their server.

Read about Jadoo2 Tv

UPDATE: MOST SOUTH ASIAN CHANNELS ARE DOWN ON JADOO TV. THEY ARE BEEN SUED., they are trying to find more illegal ways to stream channels on their device... which i am sure will last for another couple of weeks. please save your money.

UPDATE: Jadoo Tv officially signed a contract with HUM TV USA.

Currently only few news channels are working on jadoo 1 and jadoo 2 (Update as of September 2012). Also Follow Jadoo Tv list of Working Channels Blog for updates.

here is an image of channels screen on jadoo tv.

jadoo tv

Meanwhile watch Dawn Channel News online for free :), Or Live HUM TV Channel

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You may also Watch & Request Bollywood Movies for free.

Please note, you can also use a universal remote control as a replacement to your Jadoo Tv remote. HDMI cables are also relatively cheap these days

 Buy Cheap HDMI Cables for your Tv |  Universal Remote Control for Jadoo Tv

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by reading jadoo tv reviews, i am convinced that i am not going to buy it.
by: on
Who made this useless device and ripping poor taxi drivers and store owners of desi community
by: on
Lets sue him :)
by: on
Here are my 2 cents regarding jadoo tv. STAY AWAY and just watch those channels onLINE or maybe subscribe to dish network. jadoo tv was a quick money making idea from some dumb ass indian, he did it because FTA moved from nagara 2 to nagara 3 so obviously all Indian channels stoped working using devices like viewsat/sonicview. Then he started to cash in using his device called "Jadoo Tv". Totaly illegal and totaly waste of money, slow as hell and lagging issues (Even with CABLE/DSL). i think within 3 months all desi channels will be taken offline from his server's (so save your money $). Some dude above claimed that now Channels are trying to find ways to go online, That is no NOT TRUE. its not the channels that want to go online its the Hackers and Thieves who want to find ways to get online and do streaming. Even if channels go online they will ask for a decent monthly fee.
by: on
I guess whoever is leaving POSITIVE feedback are the actuall workers of Jadoo Tv/Jadoo Box. nobody loved using this device. I feel bad for people who think its a replacment for ViewSat FTA receivers, its not even close to FTA techology, and totaly illegal for South Asian channels.
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I went to one of my friend's house today and tried Jadoo Tv. below is my input: My friend has a pretty decent DSL Connection, so speed is not a issue for him. I tried to play a Movie from Jadoo Tv: RESULT: after every 5 minute movie was buffering for a good minute or so. And also you can not Forward or Rewing a movie:) I tried to Watch GEO Tv. RESULT: my friend told me its down since yesterday I Tried Watching Geo News: RESULT: It worked, however same lagging/buffering issue every other minute. Changing a channel in Jadoo Tv is a real Hassel, you need minute or two just to find your channel and play it. Dont be fooled by Jadoo Tv HD version, there is nothing HD besides Jadoo Tv Welcome screen menu. Desi channels did not go HD so far anyway, even if they did Jadoo Tv does not have enough power to broadcast them as 1080/780 p/i pixels. He also described sometimes it just does not work at all and it has few bugs and only fix is you need to Reboot the entire system. Also keep in mind Jadoo Tv is not created/operated by some Desi genius, its a extension of a foreign company which is been broadcasting Live Tv and channels for year(s), they just like the idea Desi people have no copyright policy/not so strict, and its easy to break into their system.
by: on
we can watch Geo Super on it. but the biggest question is "Is it Legal". No it is NOT. its not even close to being a legal device. Regarding Buffering. you need to test the buffering when you are in middle of watching a LIVE cricket event or anything that demands alot of audience. For example friend of mine was watching Live cricket other day and it was lagging every 15 minutes for good 3 minutes+ or so. many desi channels are already down on this device, and probably in months entire thing will be down. my comments: Save your money for something better.
by: on
hi guys, first of all i,m sorry for my english is not good so i will give my review i n urdu or hindi. agar aap logon mai sai koi nw suburbs ,illinois mai rehta hai to please desi community ko batain kai Glandale hts ,Il mai Khalid Indo Pak grocery store wala jadoo box $ 350 to $400 mai baich ker logon ki gand maar raha hai aur apnai desi chutia ban bhee rahe hain. i think who rozana kai 5 boxes baich raha hai . please yai message sab tak pohan chadaen if u r living in NW Suburbs , ILLINOIS .thanx
by: on
just got the box, hooked the box, streaming was okay, for the time being, probably they had a new server, was watching geo, flip to star1.........low quality resolution, though i have a great internet speed, freezing on streaming time to time, i am returning it, if any problem, since i bough on my credit card, i will dispute the charges, i think i will stay with my kbox and nfusion phoenix (FTA), they both are working great for now as well.
by: on
hello Germany main bahoot saye logooN naye Jadoo Tv ka box kharieda aur jo ke ek egant , london saye Sales kerneye ke liye Aaya tha tu us naye wo Box ek Pakistani , nisaad Germann Larkeye ko apna sab Agent bana gia aur wo Logo ko Diffrents rate per yeh Box Sale ker ke loot raha hai aur Bahoot hi Fardia hai wo aur I hope ke ess tereh ke delars Or Agent saye Jadoo Tv ki badnami hai .. becoz yeh log pehleye hi diffrents Ferrad ki wajah saye PAKISTANI Community main Papular hain , "Khalid rafique" enko hum log khoob janta hain .. Rahi Jadoo Tv Bix ki quality tu Acchi nahi peleye Geo Super Atta tha aur abb nahi aa rha hum logo naye Sports ke liye yeh Jadoo Tv ka box kharida tha magar wo update ker ke Nikal dia hai aur ess ke ellawah ko khaas channels nahi aur Na hi Zee Tv aur Zee Sports and Sky sports bhi nahi ess main Tv Channels Attaye hain Wo tu app Normale Internet Per online free Tv dekh saktye hia , ess liye Public saye Requset hai ke please app Nakaloo aur jalsazi kernye WalooN sayed Hushiar rhaye aur appnye 230 € Safe kereen ess liye ke jaddo Tv ki qullity is Vrey poor and Streaming Buffering are Not working good ..
by: on
Jadoo tv is not working for last 2 days. I do not know but for some reason None of the geo, Ary and Qtv is working.
by: on
can somebody tell me why Jadoo tv is not working. Is everybody having the problem.
by: on
Yeah...All the GEO's and other indopak channels are down....I want my cricket!!!! You know this was bound to happen. Did they get sued???
by: on
I'm Sad... I just wasted my $220 and this is not even working. is there a way I can get my money back :( ?
by: on
jaddoo tv is retarded ....i know some people bought that shit and complainging about it all the time....dont waste your money on this crap.....
by: on
sorry to see so many people loosing money buying this junk jadoo tv. meet the inventor, a pakistani -
by: on
For everyones knowledge Jadoo TV is just the re-branded (wrapper company) for to sell devices with illegal channels. vunow is Indian company and and spent around 10million to build this (source: vunow). Just to put things on white paper... Have fun burning money.. We could use that money for charity...
by: on
It worked really good when I bought the box, I though it will save me some money which I was paying to cable provider. After a month the took lots of good channels, I have 25Mbps speed and started buffering, now getting error message"channel not available" when complaint to them they walked me through stupid troubleshooting step, reboot, factory default setting etc even though no problem with the speed the error message showing problem with none of the channels in working, they don't answer the phone, they don't reply to your email they have online tiketing system which never opens and never closed. This is the their address
by: on
DO NOT ORDER JADOO. MAJORITY CHANNELS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. THEY ALSO CHANGED THEIR RETURN POLICY TO (7) DAYS RATHER THAN (30) DAYS. I JUST RECEIVED THIS EMAIL FROM THEM THIS MORNING: Dear Customers, Following channels have been removed from our Live TV section as they are no longer available. 1) Geo 2) Geo News 3) ARY Digital 4) NTV 5) QTV 6) B4U 7) B4U Music 8) Star Plus 9) Star One 10) Sony Please enjoy the new channels as we continue to add more LIVE content and keep on watching the archived content (Dramas, Movies and Music). Regards, JadooTV Team.
by: on
Hi, This is to inform everybody that Jadoo Tv have sent official EMail to every subscriber that they will no longer have ARY,GEO,GEOSUPER, GEO NEWS,NTV, Star Plus, Star One, QTV etc etc. In other words all Dishnetwork own ch are removed. I think soon JUMP TV own Channels Like HUM, AAJ TV, APNA TV will be gone too. So now all the garbage ch will be left who broadcast on net for free anyway.
by: on
maaaan i made a big mistake buying this JADOO !!!! i was already reluctant in buying it and never wanted to buy but few friends pushed me and kept on saying good stuff abt i finally purchased it...and now look at this crap.....the channels are gone for which i bought this thing....CAN WE SUE them that they did not give accurate information...there has to be a way...after al lits OUR MONEY !!!!!! infact HARD EARN MONEY....not soemthign which was hanging with the trees !!!!!
by: on
hi...which websites can i hindi channels with wright url in jadoo box upload..please tell me abouts the sides
by: on Click LIVE TV.
by: on
Don't buy this crap...I wasted 250 bucks on it...all channels are gone...only useless stuff left...even the Euro/UK channels have been cancelled...
by: on
Now jadoo Tv is starting something new which is even more Illegal. And just to stay in business they are making their user's enter something into their jadoo box and watch few channels for sometime.Just think about it... they have way too many box's in stock and they need to sell them somehow. DONT FALL FOR THEIR tricks again... pay $39/month to Dish and get all Pak Mega Pack channel's(worth it). And if possible tell your friend's and family members as well to stay away from jadoo tv box.
by: on
I'm deeply disturbed by JadooTV .. I don't care about losing money but they ( people who sold ) have lost their TRUST in my eyes.. today i went to shop to return this item and shop owner refused to take it and said, we are accepting anymore ..I am thinking of suing them and going to Small Claim Court ... They should be punished ..

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