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shava tv channels

I took few screens of Shava tv today (october, 2012). You can see how the Menu on Shava Tv looks like and few provided channels.

please note, I could not capture all the shava channels after the scrollbar, there is a sports category too for Cricket fans, if you want this box to watch any other sports besides cricket, then please dont buy. there is arabic & bengali category as well.

if you need to see more screens then let me know.


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i want shava tv at home in perth please advise me who is the concern person for getting this one asap



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Where is perth? did you try their website?

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I recently purchased SHAVA TV and am not getting many indian channels. I only have a bout 15 channels, none of which are the ones i'd like to watch. Is there a procedure i'm missing? or does it need to be updated?

I also keep getting an error message at the beginning when starting up saying that my account has "expired". Any idea about that?

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There is nothing you can do to ADD CHANNELS, however seeing a message "Account Expired" is something unusuall. you might want to call them for this.
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Shava is crap box. do not buy they try to do same crap over and over.
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If someone not happy with Shava TV box may like to sell.
do let me know :
also mention how much you can sacrifice?
What is your price, It should be good working,
shipping to New York included.

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I would like to buy shava tv box please let me know the price

and confirm the availability I need it asap


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Our Shava box is allmost out of work. Hum TV,Geo,Ary and many more.
Please help if you can.
Thnak you
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All those interested in buying Shava tv here is what you would need. 

1. good internet connection at least >5MB speed. 

2. u can buy from Or put shava tv in google and get search options. there is one website that list where u can buy it. Even ebay has it. 

3. best is to connect ur shava tv directly to your router rather than use the wireless adapter that comes with it. 

I have seen at work at 3 places. No problem so far . even my mom has it. 

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We are missing are Africa/Somalia  channels Model No: HD-5301B+
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