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jadoo tv not working

So tonight I tried to turn on Jadoo Tv but it did not work. i restarted the jadoo tv and after loading screen it was stuck on black screen, i tried many things but to no avail. if you seeing a BLACK SCREEN or your jadoo tv light keeps on blinking then worry not, i have a solution.

here are few solutions

A - Maybe Wired are lose?

B - Change the HDMI cable (in my case that was the problem)

C - Official Response from jadoo tv regarding this issue (below are steps)

1. Unplug the power cable from the Jadoo box.
2. Wait for 10 seconds.
3. Now you have to plug in the power cable but when you plug in the power cable then press “OK” button on the Jadoo remote and hold this button for 30 seconds.
4. You will get a blue “system diagnostics” screen.
5. Then press “info” button on the remote.
6. Wait for 30 seconds.
7. Check in the bottom of your TV screen if you got “Done” message in the end.
8. If “done” is there then press “Back” button on the Jadoo remote.
9. The box will restart.
10. After restart, configure your Network Settings and then check if it is working properly.

Above are the steps to reset jadoo tv box. it kinda sux Jadoo tv has no support articles on their website, and there are no active blogs or forums regarding issues, this is the only site I found helpful so far. this site also have solution about what to do if you lost JAdoo Remote control  ( ).

if you find it helpful then please share it on facebook / twitter.

Current Box Status As of April 12th, 2013: On Demand UP : Live Channels UP : Jadoo Flix: UP


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Also in my case screen was going black and my wireless card wont pick up any available networks (was Freezing). I pluged in the Network Cable and it started to work. so sometimes wireless card does not work...if anyone knows how to fix wlan card issue then let me know. Also did anyone tried any other wireless card with their jadoo tv? it would be interesting to know. Thanks
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hey man i tried this but i still get an error "wireless card not found" please help what do i do .
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i think your wireless card is fried. did you follow the steps above and choose " Diagnosis" (During system reset). Also Unplug the Wireless Card Unplug jadoo Tv Power wait 5 minutes Plug back Jadoo Tv Power & turn it on Let it boot up on main screen Plug back in the Wireless Card if that does not help. then try connecting the network cable with your jadoo.
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Hello Everyone, The tips mentioned on the first post are very helpful. However, my jadoo box has a problem with memory. I have tried to do a soft reset and hard reset but I can never truly get my box into the factory state. My bookmarks still remain. Because of this, I cannot do a software update. Does anyone know how to clear the memory contents on the jadoo box. I have the regular HD version (not Jadoo 2). Thanks very much.
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so trying the steps above did not help? did you try contacting jadoo support?
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Yes, I called customer support and they told me that the memory is corrupt on my Jadoo Box. They sent me a software update and whenever I try to do the update, it gets stuck on "Package 3 of 6" and then tell me that the update has failed. If you open up the box, there is a small battery inside which I disconnected and then reconnected after a while to see if that would clear the memory.......but even that did not work. Any other ideas ppl?
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alright about a month ago my jadoo started acting up, it keeps reloading over and over again for some odd reason. It wont stay on main menu at all. It just doesnt work anymore. I have tried all the stuff that jadoo support people have provided me but still i am having the same issue and they dont know whats happening either. I dont know how to fix it either, tried all the techniques possible. Can someone tell me a good solution to it rather then buying a new one. I know someone probably faced this issue at some time. Thax
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@hello: There is a solution to your problem. But you will have to open up your box. Remove the battery inside for 1 hour, reconnect it, then it should start working again.
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i have the same issue that my regular HD jadoo, not jadoo 2 does not stay on the main screen and restarts every few minutes, green light blinks while it restarts itself. It does not paly ANY content while the green light is solid before restarting again. Jadoo tech support pushed me to buy a new one as they probably did not know or dont want to offer soultions over trying to sell jadoo 2. Any help would be appriciated, thanks.
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i did take the initernal battery out overnight but that did not help either, the box still remembered the wireless settings.
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S.Khan would it be possible for you to share that software upgrade with me? thanks.
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yes please help, these reboots are killing me, hard/soft restores wont help
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i ended up buying a new one for $210 where jadoo cust. support was asking for $200 for just swapping the jadoo box w/o new remote, wireless card or any wires.
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i recently bought jadoo 2 box the problem is that few channels are not shown on full screen and few are working alright.can someone help how to watch all the channels as full screen thx in advance
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hey everyone, i did the exact same steps but the page came up with system diagnostics and it included- restarted, run diagnostics, etc. i dont what to do??? any help??
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hey everyone, i did the exact same steps but the page came up with system diagnostics and it included- restarted, run diagnostics, etc. i dont what to do??? any help??
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Press the info button while you at blue screen, it will reset the box.
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my jado box keep restarting and when its on for 5 minutes keep displaying "UNKNOWN ERROR" for all kind of setting..
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follow steps
1 go to setup and select "auto filmware update to on if its off
2 you will receive a message saying to update
3 update
4 wait for it
5 jadoo will start working again
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There is no "auto filmware update to on" in my jadoo 2 box. Should it be there?
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I am considering   buying a jadoo 3 box. Is it still up and running currently as of 04/102013?
Can anybody confirm me that the box is still getting all the channels or not?

Appreciate it.
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Yes. It is working as of now. However you need to do some tricks to add additional channels (Such as adding groups etc), lemme know if you need help.
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Here is the right solution.   
1 go on setting 
2 press factory default  
3 and press restart full  and after few minute it go off by it selfs and turns on and hopefully it will be fine
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Hi everyone, My jadoo two is receving full internet speed , however, when I try to cheack network status, it doesn't connect to jadoo server, any solutions please?
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My jadoo does not turn on. It doesn't go to the home screen of jadoo.
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Any help, pleaseeeeeee????????????

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